Local Recruitment of Chapters Award

Many of our chapters have already reached stellar heights in membership recruitment efforts, building bridges to a successful year; but did you know that recruitment does not have to be limited to just members? You can also recruit local chapters and even get recognized with the Local Recruitment of Chapters Award. Here are some ways that your chapter can start building bridges to other local chapters:

  • Get in contact with local unchartered chapters: Email and get in touch with local schools that don’t have a chapter at all. Try to get in touch with their CTSO program and offer your help to start a FBLA chapter.
  • Reactivate deactivated chapters: Email and get in contact with recently deactivated chapters. Try to understand the reasons the chapter was deactivated and help alleviate the problem. For example, if interest declined, offer to send members over to help develop the local interest. Or if an adviser left, try emailing other teachers in the CTSO program to see if they are available to sponsor the chapter.
  • How to get chapters started: When you have 5 members, you should email Monty Rhodes. He will walk you through the process of contacting the national office , submitting a Chapter Request Form, and accessing the Georgia FBLA Chapter Management LiveBinder. Once the national office receives your contact information, you will receive a charter number and password and you will be able to add anyone you have recruited!


High School RLC Skills Testing

Do you want to show off your skills and earn recognition for it? Well if that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. FBLA hosts Skills Testing Events where members are able to show off their outstanding talents.

The events are as following:

  • Computer Applications
  • Database Design & Applications
  • Spreadsheet Applications
  • Word Processing

These events will take place at an RLC School-site through November 27- December 6.

Good luck to all who choose to compete!

Ice Breaker of the month for November

Icebreaker of the Month-

This month’s Icebreaker is tying a tie! The way that the game works is like this:

Players must get into a large circle holding ties. As the leader yells go the players must all begin tying their ties as fast as they can. As soon as they are finished they raise their hand. If they are done first the game is won!


Three ways to make the game harder are:

Use bow ties- Bring multiple types of bow ties and see if they can still tie the ties.

Tie their hands together – They must figure out how to do it with both their hands together.

Make them tie specific knots- Make them tie knots like a double windsor and see if they can still get it!

The purpose of this game is to show your members how adaptation and common business skills are in the real world. You won’t have someone to tie your tie for you before that big meeting! Have them try out this fun new icebreaker at your next meeting!

Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month: November

Where did the month go? I feel that The Fall Motivational Rally was a week ago, but the time has passed and it is now November. As your local chapter becomes more concern about competitive events, conferences, and recruitment. Your chapter should be more concern about . . . Chapter of the Year! Last month we talk about how your chapter can earn points by telling your school and your community more about FBLA. This month I going to tell you how your local chapter can earn points by advocating for FBLA to your government and your local businesses.

Lets’ go back to the chapter planning guide and look at the Chapter of the Year entry form and go to the Public Relations Activities section. The subsections that I am going to be focusing on is Participation in the Georgia FBLA Government Awareness Project, and Participation in the Georgia FBLA Business Organization Contact Project. First, I am going to go through the Participation in the Georgia FBLA Government Awareness Project subsection. You can receive 10 points for a legislator participating in a local activity and 5 points if a school board member participates in a local chapter activity. Lastly, if you write 5 letters about the importance of FBLA to 5 different government officials, your local chapter can receive 5 points. Next, the subsection of Participation in the Georgia FBLA Business Organization Contact Project can help you earn points and be more involved with local businesses around your community. If you know a local business group, you can receive 10 points for making a presentation to them. For making a presentation to a local business advisory committee, your local chapter can receive 5 points. If members in your local chapter are interested in a job shadow experience, you can receive in 5 points

I hope these tips will continue your journey to be the best chapter you can be. If you submit your chapter of the year information before the early submission deadline, you can receive bonus points that will help you in the long run. Next month, I going to discuss the section called Service Projects. If you have any questions about Chapter of the Year, you can email the state adviser Monty Rhodes at monty@georgiafbla.org.

Membership Recruitment Idea-November


As we glide into the holiday season, it’s a perfect to time spread the cheer of FBLA to new members. Celebrate this month by collaborating with other organizations and clubs in your local school to reach new groups of potential members. By collaborating in events, you promote FBLA to members that might have been too preoccupied to otherwise notice. Here are some tips to help you in your collaborative efforts:

  • Check with organization to see if there are any upcoming events. If so, offer your chapter’s help with anything that is needed. This is a great way to collaborate as you are not necessarily having to plan a new event. Instead, all that is necessary is to help and to the execution.
  • If there is no upcoming event that is fit for a collaboration, don’t be discouraged and plan your own with another organization. Find another organization that shares similar goals and organize your own. Some possible options are community service projects or social events.
  • During the event, make sure to make FBLA’s presence known. Encourage people to wear FBLA merchandise and encourage members to talk with other people. A great way to do this on a service event is to divide people into groups that contain people from both groups. If you’re holding a social event, encourage people to get to know members of other organizations.