Harvest Time Giving 2018

On November 10,2018 we participated in Harvest time giving at Tabernacle International Church. At this event we helped package food to give to families and friends who attended the church. We also assisted with directing the flow of traffic outside the church so that it wouldn’t get congested. In the packages we provided a bag of apples and potatoes, can goods, bread, desserts, water bottles, soaps and a gift card for a turkey. When people received their boxes, they were more than happy to see that so many people were volunteering to provide them with Thanksgiving meals for them.

Halloween Social 2018

On October 31, 2018 we had our Halloween Social. At the social we had so much fun. We had cake, candy, drinks, and more. We played our own version of Wild N’ Out which was really fun. We had two groups and one of the officers picked out a random object and one of the groups had to act out a skit using the random item. Which ever group was the funniest won. We also had other games to play like Uno, Jenga and other board games. We enjoyed networking and socializing with each other.

Teal Trot 2018

Teal Trot is a 5K Ovarian Cancer walk that honors those who’ve transitioned, the survivors, and those still battling ovarian cancer.  This is our 2nd year volunteering for this great cause, which brings awareness to and raises funds for continuous research.

This year we worked the registration booths, book pre-registration and walk-up registration. Although it seems like a small job, we believe that we made a big impact on somebody’s life just by being there. In total eight people were in attendance as well as most of our officers.


Hittin’ The Ground Running

Shiloh FBLA is off to a great start this year!!

The beginning of the year has been very busy. Our Interest meeting went well with 31 students in attendance. At the interest meeting we played Captains Coming as our leadership activity. We also talked about all the exciting events coming up, dues and fundraisers. This year we started off with a full team of officers with the exception of a Parliamentarian. All of them are excited to work this year and have great ideas for the success of our organization.

The week of  September 10-14 was rush week for our members. We decided to do a flash sale where for one week only we allowed the members  to join FBLA for only $15 for the basic membership instead of $25 , they also would receive a prize if they joined during this time. We were also successful in our first fundraiser with Otis Spunkmeyer. Several students participated and earned money for our future trips. One of our members K.W was the top seller for a consecutive two years including this year. We are so proud of all of his hard work.

FBLA Day with the Hawks!

On January 12, 2017, Shiloh FBLA went on a very fun field trip to see the Atlanta Hawks. We did a lot more than just watch a basketball game. Brett Stefansson, the Vice President and General Manger of Phillips Arena, spoke to us about the management side of professional basketball. He also talked about the behind the scenes work of the Phillips Arena and new and upcoming expansion for the Hawks. Members also participated in a marketing competition where they created marketing strategies. Members were introduced to many people in marketing. They gave details about their jobs and what steps they took to get to their position. In addition to the business side, students had a lot of fun. There was a shoot-out competition where students tried to shoot as many basketballs as possible. We also had an opportunity to visit the College Football Hall of Fame.