Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

Lectures in the classroom can often cause students to lose focus, so to keep them attentive by giving them a creative assignment that can engage each student personally!

For this month’s activity idea, students will create a business of their own. They are responsible for a name, logo, and product or service. They will have to write a paper similar to a business plan that would include the goals of the business and the budget.

Each teacher can add more requirements to the paper as needed. You could even have the students pitch the new business to you and the class as if they would to get investors. This is a great activity for any future entrepreneurs!

Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

What better way to teach students about business than to have them run a business! Opening a student run school store is a great idea to get students more involved and learning about entrepreneurship. As a group brainstorm different types of products or services your small business could provide, then make it a reality. With teacher approval and supervision your small business can become a successful learning experience.

Presentation Tips

Region Leadership Conferences are only days away and many of you will be competing in a presentation event, so here are some quick presentation tips.

  • Look professional- The judges will be evaluating your appearance. This not only includes if what you are wearing is within the dress code, but if you look nervous. Be confident in yourself and your presentation.
  • Act confident- Walk in with a smile introduce yourself to the judges and shake their hands before your presentation starts. This sets up a good setting for a good presentation.
  • Breathe- You have practiced this presentation countless times and you are ready to show it to the judges. Stay calm, don’t rush through it speak slowly and clearly. If you forget your next line or mess up a word just take a deep breath and keep going.
  • Avoid Fillers- When you can’t think of the right word try to avoid saying words such as “um” “uh” “so” or “like”.

Good luck to everyone competing at RLC, we hope to see you competing at the State Leadership Conference in March.

Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

Integrating FBLA into the classroom can be as simple as using Ice Breakers and Energizers then talking about the strategies after. Team activities can be used to teach about leadership and teamwork. Most other activities you can use to reflect on different strategies used during the game; what worked, what made is easy and what made it difficult.

One example is the Human Knot as a learning tool in the classroom. Try having different versions of the game:

  • Everyone has their eyes open
  • One person has their eyes open
  • Only person can talk
  • Nobody has their eyes open

You can use these suggestion, combine them or come up with new ideas. This is a fun way for students to learn valuable skills.

Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

FBLA is known for preparing members for the future, including resumes and job interviews. These things can also be taught in the classroom with a two part assignment.

  1. Show students examples of resumes and allow them to create their own. The teacher would help students with what they should put on their resume and organizing it in a way to look professional.
  2. For the next part, set up a mock interview. The teacher can be the interviewer, or allow fellow peers or a guest to conduct the interview. This assignment can be changed to fit more specific situations or it could be very broad.

This activity not only gets you points for exposing FBLA to non-members, but assists young students in being more prepared for the workforce. Students will be more confident moving into the next stage of their life.