Fundraising Activity of the Month – Raffles

Lotteries have been one of the most successful business ventures in history, as people are naturally drawn towards large rewards, regardless of how minuscule the odds of winning are. A great fundraiser to host in your chapter, school, or community is a raffle! They are fairly easy to setup and can help raise substantial amounts of money.

The key to a raffle is having an organized method for counting who bought what ticket and ensuring that you reach a wide audience. Another key thing is to incentivize your audience. Ensuring that you have a good prize will create s substantially larger interest from your audience. For example, if doing it within your chapter, you may choose to offer free conference registration, if doing it within your school or community you may set up prizes such as gift cards.

After advertising, the easiest way to track which ticket belongs to which person is through a spreadsheet or any other method electronically. Give your fundraiser a bit of time to build up steam, and after hitting your goal, you can perform the raffle and notify your winners. It’s a great way to raise money, and some people win prizes along the way!

EMERGE State Project

Georgia FBLA’s state project for the year is EMERGE. EMERGE stands for Educating Members Early Regarding Georgia’s Economy.

This year’s state project focuses on the economic system of Georgia and serves to help educate members about the various aspects of this economic system. Students can learn more about the different economic regions within Georgia, what each of these regions contributes to Georgia’s economy, and how various factors such as population, education, and resources affect the economic output of certain areas.

Overall, EMERGE serves as a way for students be to gain a better understanding of Georgia’s economy through FBLA and classroom activities. Although the State Theme “Emerge!” and the State Project “EMERGE” seem like they are related, be careful not to confuse one with the other, they are two separate things.

Explore Performance Events and Technical Events

Performance and technical events are two of the largest categories of events that members can participate in. To find a full list of these events, look in your Chapter Planning Guide. Although these two types of events look similar, the thing that sets these two apart is the presubmission component.

Performance events do not have a presubmission component, meaning that your entire score on your rubric is comprised of your performance at the conference. Performance events include business ethics, emerging business issues, etc. These events are usually a presentation given to judges without any sort of content turned in beforehand.

Technical events comprise of a presubmission, meaning that you have to turn in a product by a certain date before the conference. For example, if I were competing in Mobile Application Development, my presubmission component ( an app ) for SLC would have to be turned in before SLC by the date that is designated in the Chapter Planning Guide. Alongside this presubmission, technical events have a performance component as well on certain levels of the competition.

Submitting Articles to be Published on the Website

Submitting articles to the website is a great way for you to share your thoughts to a larger audience. The process to submit articles is relatively straightforward and takes only a few minutes after you have written the article.

First, go to the Georgia FBLA website, and click the dropdown on the top right side of the page that leads to a login page. Use your designated adviser username and password, and login. You should enter a screen that has a WordPress running header. On that header, click the ” + New ” button. After you click this button you should arrive at the new post page, within which you can enter the title and body of your text, alongside adding tags and other things to your post. After you have finished adding all the elements to your post, click the “Submit for Review”button.

Helping Tomorrow’s Business Leader

FBLA-PBL and March of Dimes began their partnership in 1970, and since then March of Dimes has been FBLA-PBL’s only national charity partner. March of Dimes attends every national and regional FBLA-PBL conference. Since the partnership began, FBLA-PBL has raised millions of dollars for the March of Dimes, and the March of Dimes message has been broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of kids. Each year, FBLA-PBL generates over $500,000 for March of Dimes.

Coin Wars is a fundraising idea for March of Dimes and is a fun way to involve your entire school in the fundraising efforts. With Coin Wars, you distinguish between the various grades in your school, and the goal is essentially a competition between the classes.

The way the competition works is that for each penny that a certain grade level donates, they receive one point. However, other grade levels can donate larger amounts ( dollars, nickels, dimes, etc.) and subtract points from a designated grade. For example, if a freshman donated a quarter for seniors, then the seniors would lose 25 points, a dollar would be -100 points and so on.

Coin Wars encourages the donation of larger bills to detract points form other grades, and essentially involves everyone in a fun manner while still raising money for a good cause.