Mayor Visits South Forsyth FBLA

SFHS FBLA recently had the honor of having the mayor of the city of Cumming, Troy Brumbalow, come and present to our chapter members about the importance of leadership and communication. Throughout his talk, Mayor Brumbalow discussed his role as mayor, what he’s done through his lifetime, as well as his vision for our great city. Through the speech, our members learned the importance of civic engagement, business skills and how American enterprise shapes our growing community. SFHS FBLA hopes to invite more business and community leaders such as Mayor Brumbalow in the future in order to continue giving our members a great foundation so that can they truly become Future Business Leaders of America.

SFHS FBLA at Fall Leadership Conference

This year, forty South Forsyth FBLA members traveled to Athens, GA for the 2018 – 2019 Fall Leadership Conference. During this trip, members were able to enjoy Athens by walking through the area while also having FBLA fun by partaking in the general session where we were named largest chapter in Georgia and heard an amazing opening speaker, Mr. Patrick Grady, who gave an inspirational speech on why you should never give up. While at the Classic Center we were given the opportunity to attend numerous workshops pertaining to personal interests and leadership training. To add to the excitement of the events going on during FLC, all members and advisers were able to compete in a statewide Monopoly tournament and use their business related to knowledge to try and beat the other teams. The members were able to complete practice objective tests to tune up their testing skills for Region Leadership Conference as well as State Leadership Conference.


South Forsyth High School’s 2017-18 World Prematurity Day

More than a dozen South Forsyth High School FBLA chapter members gathered this month to signify
recognition of the World Prematurity Day. This event signified connections being created
between members and has become a great inspiration to other members within the chapter.

In addition, more than 15 million children are born prematurely, and this social emphasized the
members’ support by having them wear purple. The event also gave recognition to families who lost loved ones at a young age. Furthermore, members at this social were able to share stories and continue to give inspiration to each other.

Members gather to recognize World Prematurity Day
Members gather to recognize World Prematurity Day

To accomplish organizing this event, members followed the guidelines on the Georgia FBLA website which provided instructions on how to spread awareness. Overall, this event was an opportunity for members to grow as leaders and use their values of character within their community.

South Forsyth FBLA: Fall Leadership Conference

On November 15-16, members of South Forsyth High School FBLA traveled to The Classic Center in Athens, GA to participate in Georgia FBLA’s Fall Leadership Conference. Students were given the opportunity to follow a track such as leadership, community service, advanced officership, etc. to explore many different opportunities and business world skills. Some of the events that took place for students to partake in addition to the tracks included the General Session, Battle of the Chapters and Statesman Award testing, Monopoly tournament, and open testing. We had many underclassmen explore their first conference with us this occasion.

Freshman Tharini Ramakrishnan Kavitha shared her thoughts on her first experience: “I had an amazing experience at FLC this year! I met many new people from different schools and had fun connecting with upperclassmen. The guest speakers showed insight into making my future brighter. It was a really fun time!”


Freshman Sukrutha Suthari shared her first experience: “FLC was a great experience where I was able to learn more about my track, communication. I learned new and more efficient ways of communicating with others, in school and in the business world. Overall FLC was a great time filled with friends, new experiences, and more knowledge.”


South Forsyth FBLA: American Enterprise Day

On November 16, SFHS FBLA members made cards to commemorate American Enterprise Day.
Each card focused on a company or a famous entrepreneur such as Microsoft or Bill Gates.
Knowledge of the real business world was developed as well as teamwork skills since members
had to work together to create each card. Members also taped lollipops on cutouts of cornucopias
to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. They gave these gifts to the teachers at South Forsyth High