FBLA Scholarships and National Recognition

One of the most rewarding perks of being in a student organization such as FBLA is access to a number of scholarships sponsored by universities, other organizations, and FBLA. These scholarships are an excellent way to receive financial aid to further your education in a college university system.

These scholarships can be found at https://www.fbla-pbl.org/fbla/membership-benefits/scholarships/ on the FBLA-PBL National Website.  

Take advantage of these benefits that are available to you for simply being a member. Let all your hard work with this organization be payed back in the form of recognition or scholarships!


Icebreaker of the Month: January

Coming back to school after a long Christmas break can be quite a struggle. So when you first get members back together to continue the rest of the year why not start with an icebreaker to smooth the way and get people engaged and looking forward to a new year!

Have for members to sit down and reevaluate the year of 2018 and see what goals they set for that year and see if they have accomplished them. If not, encourage the members to achieve those goals in 2019 by creating another vision board or something that can outline their goals and plans for the year.

To encourage members and keep them on track with their goals, have each person to choose an Accountability Partner that will check in and see if they are working towards accomplishing those goals. As leaders, it is essential that we too have accountability partners to help push us along the way.

Icebreaker of the Month of December: Holiday Brainstorming

A great way for members to share their ideas during a meeting can be through brainstorming activities. Have for members to research different community service projects that your chapter could possibly complete during the Holiday season.

After about five minutes of brainstorming or so, allow for the groups to stand and present their findings to the rest of the members.

A few ideas:

  1. Deliver cookies to the employees at a fire station, police station, or hospital.
  2. Recruit several families or businesses and adopt a nursing home. Buy a simple gift for each resident (lotion, slippers, holiday throw blankets, etc) and arrange a time to deliver the gifts.
  3. Send Christmas cards to veterans and current military personnel overseas.
  4. Deliver a baked good to your neighbors.
  5. Leave a Christmas card in your mailbox for the mail carrier.
  6. Go caroling at a nursing home.
  7. Volunteer to read a Christmas book aloud to your child’s class … or contact your local bookstore to see if you can schedule a time to read aloud to their children’s section. 
  8. Ring bells for the Salvation Army.
  9. Host a packing party for Operation Christmas Child, a ministry through Samaritan’s Purse that sends a shoebox of gifts/personal items to a child in a Third World country for Christmas—which is often the only gift the child will receive.

Icebreaker of the Month November: What Are You Thankful for?

During the month of November, it is important that we give thanks for the things that we have. A great icebreaker to get your chapter into the Thanksgiving spirit is “What Are You Thankful for?” In this icebreaker, have everyone stand in a big circle and person by person tell what he or she is thankful for. The circle symbolizes unity and family.

Another way to do this activity can be to have everyone write down what he or she is thankful for and post it on your chapter bulletin board for everyone to see. This icebreaker can be used throughout the year, but is especially meaningful during the month of November.

Icebreaker of the Month August: Vision Board

Vision – the ability to see; sight or eyesight; something that you imagine; a picture that you see in your mind; something that you see or dream

It is important that we always keep our dreams and goals ahead of us to encourage us to move forward and accomplish our goals. Give your members poster boards, or they can use Google Slides or PowerPoint. Using pictures, the members can include their educational goals, an area of improvement, an FBLA goal (maybe a competitive event they’d like to compete in), and something they’d like to accomplish this year. At the end of the brainstorming time, have each member share key points of their vision board. 

“Vision without action is merely a dream…vision with action can change the world.”

– Joel A. Barker