SLC Ribbons – Getting Ready for SLC

The State Leadership Conference (SLC) is coming up soon, so it’s time to start getting ready! At the Region Leadership Conference (RLC), you will find out if you have advanced to SLC in your event. If you do not qualify for SLC, do not fear! Ask your adviser about straight to state events that start at SLC.

One of the most exciting parts of any conference is the ribbons! You can receive special decorative ribbons to deck out your conference name badges for our annual Run for the Ribbons Campaign. Participate in many projects and see how many ribbons you can earn.

A full list of ribbons can be found in the Chapter Planning Guide. There will also be additional, fun ribbons for sale at the Marketplace.

Social Activity of the Month – Trivia Game

What is the best way to start the new year? A social activity for all your members of course! Consider hosting a trivia event to get your members excited for the second semester. Split members into groups of 2-4, and create at least 15 trivia questions. Social events should be fun, so throw in some lighthearted and fun questions. Give enough time between questions for members to get up and talk between rounds. Put out some food for them to snack on too! Who doesn’t like a good snack during trivia? There should be a prize for the winning team, but it can always be something fun. What matters more is that members have a good experience. Consider playing music during rounds, and just make the atmosphere enjoyable.

With RLC shortly approaching, this is also the perfect environment to speak to your members about competitions in an informal setting. Encourage them to keep practising for their live events, and studying for SLC events. Don’t push too hard though: a social event should take away stress, not add any. Remember to relax, and have fun!

Middle Level Competitive Events

Competitive events are the perfect way to demonstrate your business knowledge and earn recognition on stage! GA FBLA offers more than 30 different competitive events for middle-level members, covering a wide range of topics. Some events involve speaking and presenting in front of judges, while others test your knowledge in specific avenues through objective tests. Each competitive event provides the opportunity to challenge yourself and gain experience in a competitive environment. Regardless of what event you choose, remember to practice and study in order to do your best! The knowledge you gain on your competitive event journey will be valuable in high school and beyond in the business world!

For more information on Georgia FBLA-ML competitive events, reference the Chapter Planning Guide.

Triple Trifecta

This year’s state membership program is the Triple Trifecta. It focuses on recruiting members, community service, and developing leaders in hopes of encouraging members to stay active and motivated throughout the year. There are three Trifectas, each with three tiers. For each Trifecta your chapter completes, members will receive a ribbon at SLC. Upon completion of all three Trifectas, your chapter will be recognized on stage at SLC and review a plaque!

Membership Trifecta Requirements:

  1. An adviser must reach 100% class participation in FBLA for 1 class
  2. Chapter membership must increase by 20% or 20 members (whichever is reached first).
  3. 5 members must complete Membership Madness

Service Trifecta Requirements:

  1. 20% or 20 members must complete “Community” level of the Community Service Achievement program (CSA).
  2. Chapter must participate in 5 service projects for the school.
  3. Chapter must participate in 5 service projects for the community.

Leadership Trifecta Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 5 members representing a chapter must attend Rally, FLC, RLC, and register for SLC.
  2. 50 members or 20% of membership must compete (RLC and SLC competitive event registrations will be totaled).
  3. 20% or 20 members must complete the “Future” level of the Business Achievement Awards (BAA).

The Triple Trifecta program offers the opportunity to grow your chapter, and earn rewards for your chapter at SLC!

Explore Written Events and Skills Events

Georgia FBLA has a wide variety of competitive events starting at the Region Leadership Conference as well as the State Leadership Conference. Some of these events involve speaking and presenting in front of judges, while others test your business knowledge in specific avenues. These writing and skills events consist of hour-long objective tests, and are perfect ways to show your technical knowledge.

If you do well, you may find yourself at the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas this summer! Good luck to all those competing.

To find out more about all competitive events, visit