Bleckley High Scores High at Region 5

BCHS FBLA had a total of 37 top 10 finishes in Region 5 Competition on Friday. 21 of those were top 5 finishes.

The following students will be advancing to state competition: Jordan B., Alex N. (2), Tucker F. (2), William D. (2), Allyson B. (2), Logan A., Naomi R., Kory B., Eli N., and Tyler Sw. BCHS will also be taking one Monopoly team to compete in the state finals.

10th Place Winners:

Jordan B.                                                  Accounting I

Caitlyn W.                                                 Journalism

Emily A. & Hailie W.                              Website Design


9th Place Winners:

Eli N.                                                      Introduction to Information Technology

Connor F.                                              Marketing Individual


8th Place Winners:

Alex N.                                                       Accounting I

Kasey M.                                                   Entrepreneurship Individual

Kory B.                                                       Global Business Individual


7th Place Winners:

Tucker F.                                                  Accounting I

Jordan S.                                                  Hospitality Management Individual

Lacey B. W.                                              Marketing Individual

Tyler Sa.                                                    Organizational Leadership

Makayla L.                                                Job Interview


6th Place Winners:

Jillian G.                                                     Marketing individual

Jillian G. & Jordan S.                               Publication Design Team

Sam B.                                                         Word Processing


5th Place Winners:

William D.                                                   Business Calculations

Avery G.                                                       Digital Video Production

Tyler Sa. & Megan M.                                Publication Design Team


4th Place Winners:

Tucker F.                                                     Business Calculations

Tyler Sw.                                                     Entrepreneurship Individual

Lacey B. W. & Makayla L.                       Marketing Team


3rd Place Winners:

Sam B.                                                          Advertising

Kasey M., Miranda P., & Tyler Sw.         Entrepreneurship Team

Miranda P.                                                   Entrepreneurship Individual

Megan M., Jordan S., & Caitlyn W.        Hospitality Management Team


2nd Place Winners

Justin P.                                                         Advertising

Kory B. & William D.                                  Global Business Team

Connor F. & Jillian G.                                Marketing Team

Emily A. & Halie W.                                   Social Media Campaign


1st Place Winners

Abbigail R.                                                    Advertising

Allyson B.                                                     Computer Applications

Alex N.                                                          Database Design and Applications

Logan A., Naomi R. & Kory B.                 Digital Video Production

William D.                                                   Global Business Individual

Allyson B.                                                    Introduction to Financial Math

Tyler S.                                                     Spreadsheet Applications

Houston County High FBLA Backs the Blue in November

Houston County High School Future Business Leaders of America members traveled to the Peach County Sheriff’s Departments in Fort Valley and Bonaire to show their appreciation for the police officers and sheriffs who risk their lives every day to protect the people of Middle Georgia. FBLA members Kyrsten S. and Megan S. created special goodie bags for the officers at each department to thank them for their service and to remind them that the HCHS FBLA community backs the blue.

HCHS FBLA members Alex Cooper, Sabina Ashurova, Hope Williams, Kyrsten S., and Megan S. traveled to the departments to personally gift the bags and thank the officers on November 16, 2016.

Thank you to all police officers in Middle Georgia, your service is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

Houston County High School is located at 920 Highway 96 Warner Robins. The principal is Dr. Doug Rizer. CTAE Supervisor is Karma Hayes. FBLA Advisers are Sheila Jones, Jenny Jackson, and Gina Jessup.

WWCHS FBLA Serves at Chamber of Commerce Banquet

WWCHS FBLA partnered with FFA to provide volunteer servers at the Annual Washington-Wilkes Chamber of Commerce Banquet. The banquet is an annual event designed to honor local businesses and individuals for outstanding work throughout the year. The guest speaker for the event was Mr. Gary Black, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
This is an event FBLA has helped with for several years now. We decided to invite FFA to assist us in this Community Service event when we realized the guest speaker, Mr. Gary Black, had served as President for Georgia Future Farmers of America his senior year of high school in 1980. Several of our members are members of both FBLA and FFA. We decided this would be a perfect joint community service project.
The members arrived an hour early to allow time for training. After the training session the members began by lighting candles on all of the tables. The members assumed the job of server for the evening. Each member was responsible for two tables, with around sixteen guests total at the two tables. One member was responsible for three tables, with about twenty-four guests.
The members served each guest their salad, entree, and dessert. The members were also responsible for taking care of drink needs for the guests by refilling tea and water glasses. They also took care of any of the guests other dining needs.
It was a successful evening for the members. All of them did a great job and were polite and social during it all. The guests for the evening were very complimentary of all of the students and seem very appreciative for their service efforts.

Washington Wilkes Middle at Regional Leadership Conference

Washington-Wilkes Middle School FBLA attended Region Leadership Conference on January 26th . RLC consists of going to workshops, meeting new people, and competing.  At the conference, the workshops get you moving around, meeting new people, while having lots of fun! The people that competed at RLC is Chase C., Emily E., Jayden G., Kylie P., Eduardo S., Brett T., Darien T., and Yesica V.  Students always have a blast at Region Leadership Conference. Sixth grader, Kylie P. said, “My favorite part of the conference was interacting with students from different places in Georgia and winning awards.”

Overall, these Middle Schoolers had an awesome experience at Georgia FBLA Region Leadership Conference. Darien T. placed 1st in Parliamentary procedure concepts, Kylie P. placed 2nd in Personal Financial concepts and 3rd in Career Exploration, Emily E. placed 4th in Career Exploration, Jayden G. placed 5th in Marketing concepts, and Eduardo S. placed 5th in Business Concepts.

img_9154Left to right back row: Chase C., Darien T., Yesica V., Ms. Dena Jenkins (adviser).

Front row: Kylie P., Eduardo S., Jayden G., Brett T.

Not pictured: Emily E.