American Enterprise Day with FBLA

A time-honored tradition, American Enterprise Day reminds Americans of free enterprise and how it has contributed positively to the economy. Proclaimed to be observed by American President Jimmy Carter, American Enterprise Day lets students as well as adults learn the fundamentals and values of starting a business and the chances taken. Celebrated on November 15, FBLA takes this opportunity each year to educate and help prepare students for careers in business. This year’s FBLA members at Bowdon High School in Bowdon, Georgia took a trip to Bowdon Elementary School and performed a skit, consisting of American Enterprise Day facts. Giving the students an opportunity to increase confidence and work ethic, this day is crucial to the knowledge they possess to go out and pursue their own business ventures.

Mayor Visits South Forsyth FBLA

SFHS FBLA recently had the honor of having the mayor of the city of Cumming, Troy Brumbalow, come and present to our chapter members about the importance of leadership and communication. Throughout his talk, Mayor Brumbalow discussed his role as mayor, what he’s done through his lifetime, as well as his vision for our great city. Through the speech, our members learned the importance of civic engagement, business skills and how American enterprise shapes our growing community. SFHS FBLA hopes to invite more business and community leaders such as Mayor Brumbalow in the future in order to continue giving our members a great foundation so that can they truly become Future Business Leaders of America.

SFHS FBLA at Fall Leadership Conference

This year, forty South Forsyth FBLA members traveled to Athens, GA for the 2018 – 2019 Fall Leadership Conference. During this trip, members were able to enjoy Athens by walking through the area while also having FBLA fun by partaking in the general session where we were named largest chapter in Georgia and heard an amazing opening speaker, Mr. Patrick Grady, who gave an inspirational speech on why you should never give up. While at the Classic Center we were given the opportunity to attend numerous workshops pertaining to personal interests and leadership training. To add to the excitement of the events going on during FLC, all members and advisers were able to compete in a statewide Monopoly tournament and use their business related to knowledge to try and beat the other teams. The members were able to complete practice objective tests to tune up their testing skills for Region Leadership Conference as well as State Leadership Conference.


Cook High FBLA Members Participate in Toys for Cook Kids

Cook High FBLA members recently worked toward making Christmas brighter for needy youngsters in Cook County. Members have joined with our community in collecting new toys for boys and girls of all ages. The program is by application, and our local DFCS staff members determine who qualifies for the program. Cook High FBLA members have been very excited to share with others during this busy and joyous Christmas season!

Bowdon High School Future Business Leaders of America attend Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game Expo (SIEGE)

On October 4, 2018, 18 students from Bowdon High School FBLA attended the SIEGE College Fair.  The Georgia Game Developers Association, Inc. has sponsored the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo for the past 12 years. While most people are aware of video games as an entertainment product, there exists a general lack of awareness that game development requires highly-educated and specialized skill sets in physics modeling, artificial intelligence, massively-scalable networking infrastructures, digital security, graphic design, 3D animation, project management, and intellectual property law, among others. The students moved through several workshops learning about career opportunities, college degrees, free resources, and even how to create their own game! They enjoyed a college fair where they received information from several colleges offering a variety of Computer Science degrees. They had the opportunity to talk with college students and exhibitors about many new and exciting paths of study.