Christmas is a Time of Joy for Cook High FBLA

Christmas is a busy time — a time for joy and for giving! Cook High FBLA members have been working toward making Christmas bright for youngsters in Cook County. FBLA members have joined other clubs and community organizations in collecting toys for needy boys and girls. The toys will be donated to the Toys for Cook Kids program which will oversee the distribution of toys to those needy children. Local DFCS members will determine those who will qualify. Cook High FBLA members are very excited to share with others for this joyous Christmas season!

Kick-Off! (First Official Meeting)

On August 23, Shiloh FBLA hosted their first meeting for the 2017-2018 school year. There were 57 students in attendance. We started with an interesting icebreaker called Hula Hoop Connect. At the start of this activity, all students were divided into 2 groups where each group was joined together hand and foot. The goal of this icebreaker was to get everyone through the hula hoop without separating or talking. This leadership activity showed how effective non-verbal communication and teamwork are. After the icebreaker, we discussed membership dues and important dates such as Motivational Rally, Fall Leadership and other conferences. We also spoke about upcoming fundraisers such as selling ice cream during lunch and offering delicious Chick-fil-A biscuits for breakfast. For new members, officers explained our point system and meeting procedures. Our first meeting of the year was eventful, informative, and fun. We can’t wait for the other activities that we have planned for this school year.

Shiloh FBLA Attends the Fall Motivational Rally

On October 12, 2017, Shiloh FBLA attended the Fall Motivational Rally in Perry, GA. We had a lot of fun and had 26 members that attended. There was an amazing speaker that had a lot of powerful advice for our members. After the motivational seminar, we went to the fair. There were roller coasters and a lot of games. Everyone had plenty of fun. In between fun fair activities and walking around in the hot sun, we again focused on FBLA. All members took practice tests to see which competition tests might be a good fit for them. We left very tired, but we had a lot of fun. Fall Motivational Rally definitely got us ready for the upcoming year.

Shiloh FBLA’s Fall Leadership Conference

Shiloh FBLA attended the 2017 Fall Leadership Conference (FLC). It was very informative and fun! There were 27 members  representing Shiloh at FLC in Athens, GA. Our chapter enjoyed a lovely dining experience at DePalmas Italian Restaurant in Downtown Athens. The conference was at the Classic Center, and the sessions were amazing; our members learned about different aspects of leadership. We also participated in the Statesmen Test and Monopoly Tournament in addition to touring downtown Athens and the University of Georgia. Overall, we had a wonderful experience.     

Members from the Emanuel County Institute FBLA Chapter travel to Athens, Georgia to attend the Fall Leadership Conference.

Recently, twenty-three Emanuel County Institute FBLA members traveled to the Fall Leadership Conference held in Athens, Georgia on November 15-16 at the Classic Center. On this trip, members were able to participate in many fun activities, such as team building and problem solving at Escape the Space and touring the downtown Athens. Aside from the fun and touring of Athens, FBLA members were given the opportunity to attend different leadership workshops, meet new people, prepare for competitions, and even play Monopoly against other FBLA chapters! While at the Classic Center, all members and advisers attending were able compete for the Statesman Award and Battle of the Chapters. Students receiving this honor were Kati-Brooke Hooks, Sarah Beth Kersey, Caroline Kraus, Calissa Mason, Molly McBride, MacKayla Oglesby, Roesha Passmore, Kendra Pierce, Andrea Pullen, Lauren Sherrod, and adviser, Mrs. Jessica Smith.  The Battle of the Chapters team consisted of Breana Librizzi, Kati-Brooke Hooks, and MacKayla Oglesby. During the general session, those in attendance were able to listen to an awesome guest speaker, Stephen Mackey. Mr. Mackey travels the country speaking to multiple groups.  He was born a hard life but proved that that with hard work and the right attitude anything is possible.  He stated to the group that, “If you don’t hear opportunity knock, build a door for opportunity to knock on!”  All members had a great time at the conference and are excited for the upcoming competition season!  Also attending the conference was chaperone Mrs. CeCe Pullen.




Front row (l-r) Calissa Mason, Roesha Passmore, Kati-Brooke Hooks, Maddie Grimm, BaileySanders, and Olivia Canady. Second row (l-r) Leanne Wright, Andrea Pullen, Madison Murphy, Beana Librizzi, Zade Anna Williford, Morgan Rehberg, and Molly McBride. Back row (l-r) Jessica Smith, Elijah Worthen, Caroline Kraus, Sarah Beth Kersey, Kendra Pierce, Zera Edenfield, Lauren Sherrod, Abigail Cowart, and Miranda Wilkerson.