Bleckley High Earns Superior Chapter

Bleckley County High School continues to work hard to achieve much with little. We have a very small membership and continue to strive for greatness. We go for quality not quantity! BCHS FBLA has continues to work with our feeder school holding joint meetings most of the time allowing the middle school students to see our quality in action. Each year we strive for more than we achieved the previous year and we continue to be successful. This year we had more chapter of the year points than last, but dropped from 5th to 6th in the state which means other chapters are striving for more as well!


Congratulations to our officers for their commitment and hard work in making this an awesome year for Bleckley FBLA!

BCHS Recruitment for 2019-20 Kick-Off

Bleckley County High School return officers kicked off our recruitment by having Survivor style Scavenger Hunts and Relay Races followed by Taco Thursday. We had a huge turnout from our feeder school BCMS. Returning officers Olivia W., Maisi C., and Amanda Kight led the way as we try to change the vision of our meetings. Outgoing  officers Jillian G., Jordan S., and Alex N. also participated and led the games.

The new meeting format was a hit and thoroughly enjoyed by all as many won a raffle prize at the end of the meeting. After raffles were complete each prospective member in attendance was  awarded a $5.00 off coupon for joining before the end of the school year. We hope to recruit members before the end of the year and we have already set our officers for the coming year as well.


Halloween Social 2018

On October 31, 2018 we had our Halloween Social. At the social we had so much fun. We had cake, candy, drinks, and more. We played our own version of Wild N’ Out which was really fun. We had two groups and one of the officers picked out a random object and one of the groups had to act out a skit using the random item. Which ever group was the funniest won. We also had other games to play like Uno, Jenga and other board games. We enjoyed networking and socializing with each other.

2019 Region Leadership Conference Dates & Locations

Region 1: Friday, January 18 – Southern Regional Technical College, Moultrie
Region 2: Thursday, January 17 – Coffee High School, Douglas
Region 3: Wednesday, January 30 – Brunswick High School, Brunswick
Region 4: Tuesday, January 29 – Swainsboro High School, Swainsboro
Region 5: Friday, February 1 – Central Georgia Technical College, Warner Robins
Region 6: Thursday, January 31 – Marion County High School, Buena Vista
Region 7: Monday, January 14 – Villa Rica High School, Villa Rica
Region 8: Wednesday, January 9 – Ringgold High School, Ringgold
Region 9: Wednesday, January 23 – Henry County High School, McDonough
Region 10: Friday, January 25 – Georgia Piedmont Technical College, Clarkston
Region 11: Tuesday, January 22 – Alpharetta High School, Alpharetta
Region 12: Tuesday, January 15 – North Forsyth High School, Cumming
Region 13: Wednesday, January 16 – Collins Hill High School, Lawrenceville
Region 14: Monday, January 28 – Jasper County High School, Monticello
Region 15: Thursday, January 10 – Madison County High School, Danielsville

Please remember that we have realigned regions this year so many chapters are now in different regions. Registration information for each RLC will be posted on LiveBinders next week.