Get Ready for American Enterprise Day!

In 1980, our very own Jimmy Carter made a Presidential Proclamation declaring American Enterprise Day (AED). This day is meant to celebrate the free enterprise system and the benefits it offers individuals and businesses. Check out some ideas on how you can get involved in the celebration!


  1. Present ideas about the free enterprise system in the form of skits and songs to elementary and middle school students
  2. Invite business owners to speak about the importance of AED
  3. Have a breakfast with your local chapter in honor of AED
  4. Create a MONOPOLY® board featuring different economic systems and hold a tournament during a chapter meeting or economics class
  5. Have students write essays on the American enterprise system


Besides food, fun, and festivities, celebrating American Enterprise Day can help knock out tasks for the Business Achievement Awards and even allows you to earn points for Chapter of the Year! We can’t wait to see how you and your chapter celebrate, so be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #GAFBLA!

Three Tips for Effective Meetings

You’ve spent hours upon hours planning and talking to people to get them to join FBLA. After hours of talking and trying to convince them, they finally agree to give it a chance. Happily you agree and give them the date to the next meeting… Now what?

What do you do to make sure your meeting doesn’t fall through?

Here are three tips for running effective meetings, so that your chapter’s meeting will be the best it can be.

  1. Planning: This is the most essential part of every meeting. Prepare and run through the details of the meetings by having an officer meeting beforehand, listing out the items of the meeting in an agenda.
  2. Involvement: Involve multiple members of the officer team and members when possible. No one wants to go to a meeting where only one person is speaking. Having multiple people present and lead activities will increase membership involvement and engagement.
  3. Brevity: By keeping your meetings brief, you ensure quality communication without running the risk of being boring. Setting a time limit keeps you on track and helps cut away useless information.


Getting Started With the BAAs

Hello, Georgia FBLA! The State Officer team hopes you enjoyed your summer and are ready to elevate your success this year in FBLA!

One particular activity that FBLA members can complete is the Business Achievement Award (BAA). There are four levels, as follows; Future, Business, Leader, and America. Each level of the BAA has more tasks to complete, and requires more time and effort to finish. Taking a look at the list of tasks is daunting at first, so we recommend to focus on only one level at a time. To begin, just head to the BAA web page and use the login info that you adviser has given you to begin. After choosing your tasks, complete those along with the required tasks. As you complete them, you will receive pins and certificates from Georgia FBLA. The State Officer blog will feature weekly BAA Activities with tips on how to complete them.

Following the completion of the America level, you can receive credit onstage at the NLC next summer in Baltimore. We hope to see many bright future business leaders from Georgia there next year! Good luck on your BAAs!

BAA Activity of the Week #1

Hey Georgia FBLA! This is the first article of many to come featuring specific activities to the Business Achievement Awards, with some tips along with the criteria! This week’s featured BAA activity is the Future Activity 11:

Future Activity 11: Accounting

Using a spreadsheet, create a one-month budget for yourself or for your local chapter.

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are useful programs when creating well-organized spreadsheets. Determine the monthly starting balance, any payments or purchases, and your final balance by the end of the month. As noted, you may choose to base the plan on your own budget or your local FBLA chapter’s budget. Good luck as you work to complete the BAAs!

Social Activity of the Month

A great social activity for the month of April is a chapter SLC celebration party! This could be an event getting your members excited to attend the 2017 State Leadership Conference in Athens, GA! Or you could have your celebration after SLC congratulating all of your attendees and competitive event winners.

Having a party is a great way to help your members get excited about SLC or relive the excitement of SLC. Either one will be a great opportunity for your chapter to bond in the final months left of the school year.

Be sure to post your social activities on social media using #GAFBLA so that way the entire state can see how much fun your chapter is having.