Social Activity of the Month

A great social activity for the month of April is a chapter SLC celebration party! This could be an event getting your members excited to attend the 2017 State Leadership Conference in Athens, GA! Or you could have your celebration after SLC congratulating all of your attendees and competitive event winners.

Having a party is a great way to help your members get excited about SLC or relive the excitement of SLC. Either one will be a great opportunity for your chapter to bond in the final months left of the school year.

Be sure to post your social activities on social media using #GAFBLA so that way the entire state can see how much fun your chapter is having.

Recruiting Members for Next Year

April 1st is the deadline for chapters to be recognized for their membership efforts at NLC, but recruiting members doesn’t stop there. It should be your goal to have your chapter’s membership increased by the end of the school year, but if not you can start TODAY working to push your membership levels to shining new heights next year.

Now is the time when many students will be thinking about their classes for next year and a Business, Finance, or Computer Science course should be on their list! Be sure to start promoting your pathways and FBLA chapter around your school so prospective members can start getting an idea of what this thing called FBLA means. Students speaking directly to other students is a great way to help spread the word about FBLA. Over the summer have an FBLA booth at your school’s open house with application ready for members to sign up.


These are just a couple tips on how to get a kick start on your membership recruitment for next year. Be sure to post tips and pictures of how your chapter is recruiting members on social media using #GAFBLA.

BAA Activity of the Week #18

We’ve made it Georgia FBLA, here is your final BAA activity of the week for 2017! Remember that Future, Business, and Leader level BAAs are due March 1, and America level BAAs are due April 25.

Today’s activity comes from the America Level BAA. 

Activity 15 Technology/Communications
Develop and post a YouTube video about how FBLA has helped you prepare for your future career.


We are so proud of each and every chapter in Georgia FBLA this year – it has been extraordinary. We began the year with a historic Fall Motivational Rally in Perry with a record 9,500 members in attendance. At that moment on October 13th we knew every chapter and member was going to shine brighter than ever before. Georgia FBLA chapters from across the state – from Ringgold to Savannah – has donated tens of thousands of service hours helping local communities, raising awareness, and building a better state for everyone. We raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for our National Service Partner – March of Dimes – in the fight to eradicate premature births. The Fall Leadership in Athens was another monumental conference for FBLA members which set members up for the 2017 Region Leadership Conferences! This year’s RLCs were one for the books with a record breaking attendance and winners – now we’re ready for SLC in March!

Congratulations to all of the RLC competitors who competed in an event this year! We wish the best of luck to all members who are moving on to State and possibly even Nationals. A special shout out to the 13 Chapters who won Sweepstakes at their RLC.

We hope all of the members who are graduating this year will use everything they have learned in FBLA over this past year in their life. Think about the leadership skills you learned in workshops, the tips your community leaders shared with you, and the networks  built over the years will all help build your future. We hope that everything you learned in FBLA will prepare you for the real world and make you a FUTURE BUSINESS LEADER.

For those who still have years left in FBLA, you have the opportunity to build one of the best foundations for your future. Use your upcoming high school years to become more active in FBLA by serving in an officer position, attending more conferences, and by getting as involved as possible.

We wish every member, graduate, and chapter the best of luck as they pursue their goals in the upcoming year. We hope we can be here to help you flourish as leaders, servants, and scholars.

SLOTS 2017

Are your officers not sure of duties they can perform? Are advisers overworked and wishing their officers and leaders were taking a greater role in chapter planning? Ever wish that your officers were ready to “hit the ground running” at the beginning of the school year? Summer Leadership & Officer Training Summits (SLOTS) may be the answer! After successful programs the past ELEVEN years, Georgia FBLA is offering four separate officer training sessions across the state July 17-20. Each session is meant to prepare local chapter officers and other leaders for duties and roles. In addition, chapter officers will work with advisers to develop or refine the program of work and plan chapter strategy for the year. Not only do we want to train officers and leaders for specific duties but we also want to develop a stronger officer team through strategic chapter planning. Finally, learn what other chapters are doing through our share time such as one-minute success stories, best practices, etc.

While the training sessions are designed primarily for local chapter officers, we recognize some chapters may not have selected officers yet or chapters may have other leaders who might not be officers but can benefit from the training. We encourage you to send these members, who you view as potential leaders for your chapter, whether they will be officers or not.

Because there is a large emphasis placed on the chapter planning area, this program is designed more for a team of officers rather than a single individual officer. We encourage your chapter to send all of its officers and leaders rather than just one or two.

Advisers should plan to participate in the SLOTS program as well. A special session will be held for advisers to help navigate them through the coming year. Additionally, adviser participation is important during the Chapter Program of Work/Strategic Planning Session.

Please see LiveBinder for more information regarding the 2017 SLOTS. We hope to see you there!