Service Activity of the Month: Help Peers De-Stress Before Finals

Now is the time of year where we all have made it through to the last stretch of the first semester of school. As expected, there are multiple midterms and finals that face all students before the start of winter break. Usually, it is not uncommon to see your fellow FBLA members and peers anxious and frantic in the midst of preparing for tests. However, what if I told you that there are things that you and your chapter can do to help ease everyone’s nerves in this season?

It is my suggestion that FBLA chapters commit to service this month by hosting small events and get-togethers to help students relax before their exams. In order to organize a purposeful “de-stress event”, consider what types of things would help best soothe students in your school community. A few ideas for events to organize can be found in the list below:

List of “De-Stress Events”

  • Host a Hot Chocolate Party- gather together supplies to make this holiday drink, and bring together your peers one afternoon to enjoy it
  • Karaoke Competition- find your favorite songs and let the world hear your tunes as you relax to the sounds of music
  • Pet Therapy- partner with a local animal shelter and see if you can set up a date for students to visit and relax with adorable animal friends
  • Nature Walk-  select a trail or walking path near your school for students to go on; nature and exercise are great tools for boosting energy and happiness
  • Finger Painting Party- get your creative juices flowing with simple, but helpful finger painting activities (be sure to try out holiday themed drawings!)
  • Modified Tutoring Sessions- use your chapter’s resources of knowledge to provide a scheduled tutoring session for students; be sure to interrupt tutoring with fun icebreakers in between

I hope that you have the opportunity to try out at least one of these ideas before final exams this year. Remember to study hard and also find time to give your mind a healthy break!

Public Relations Activity of the Month: December


With 2018 right around the corner, December is a great time to recognize and reward others for their hard work this year. This month, I suggest selecting members from your local chapter to recognize and reward with a sweet treat so they know they are appreciated! Did someone complete the America level of the Business Achievement Awards? Maybe a member showed extreme dedication in preparing for their competitive event or community service project? Write a card or dedicate a post to them on your chapter’s social media sites to remind them how much they matter to making your chapter and our organization such a great success! Continue rewarding the best bridges around and inspiring for the construction of more bridges this year!

Getting Ready for RLC

Are you ready to build bridges to success at your Region Leadership Conference?

Check out these tips on how you can be more prepared to construct a bright future with competitive events!

  1. Start practicing and studying early!
  2. Be sure to look over the dress code to avoid deductions.
  3. Be on leader time (15 minutes early)!
  4. If your event requires materials to be submitted ahead of time, make sure to know the specific dates.
  5. Perform a workshop to build bridges to new connections.

We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish and how far your journey in Georgia FBLA takes you! Be sure to tag us in your RLC pictures and posts @georgiafbla !

Public Relations Activity of the Month: December

Social media is the fad of the 21st century and business professionals have found a way use it to their advantage: LinkedIn . This social media site offers networking and career building opportunities, allowing students to build their profiles early on and share work experience, while even connecting with possible future employers!

Those who are a part of FBLA have the opportunity to join the FBLA-PBL and Georgia FBLA groups on LinkedIn to network with members from all across the state and country. In addition, they can build bridges with alumni and business professionals to receive career advise and mentoring opportunities.

Troy D. White, the current FBLA-PBL National Marketing Director, even published a book called Use LinkedIn to Get Into Your Dream College. This is a step by step instruction manual that can be found online for free to help students in building a better and brighter future!

Expanding your Bridge to the World: Presenting Workshops at RLC and SLC

A wise man once said, “Knowledge of other people’s beliefs and ways of thinking must be used to build bridges”. Sharing knowledge is a fundamental part of human contact. Workshops are a great opportunity to teach other people your knowledge about a particular topic. Georgia FBLA offers tremendous opportunities for members to present workshops from the region and state level. I know that presenting a workshop for the first time can be terrifying because you have to figure out how to keep an audience entertained for 45 minutes. Don’t worry! In this article, I am going to tell you some tips and strategies that can make any workshop one to remember for a lifetime.

  • Define the Goal- Every workshop must have a goal. Allow your workshop to successfully utilize time by keeping a clear goal at the center of the discussion. Without a clear goal, there’s really no point in getting people together.
  • Define the objective of the workshop- Your objective may be to teach a concrete skill, or your aim may be to deliver general information or guidance about a specific topic. Regardless of your focus, it’s important to define your objective first.
  • Create an outline for your workshop presentation- You need to create an introduction and list the skills and/or topics you will cover. Move the most important skills or information to the earlier parts of the workshop. Depending on the subject of the workshop, it may also be useful to introduce and build on each topic, beginning with the simplest or most straight forward topic and concluding with the more difficult or complex topic. Determine ground rules for the workshop and decide how you will wrap up the workshop.
  • Compelling Headlines- The presentations that receive the most attention during RLC and SLC are always the ones with an intriguing and compelling title. Keep this in mind when crafting the title of your workshop and consider effective formulas that will make your headlines work.
  • Be a Storyteller not a Lecturer- This piece of advice changed my entire approach to presenting and storytelling. The story that you tell will make or break your workshop. Your decision to act as a lecturer or a storyteller will determine whether or not people will stay engaged with your message.
  • Incorporate interactive activities into your workshop- Activities or games can increase engagement and participation. For instance, incorporate icebreakers and examples throughout your workshop. Activities may occur in small or large groups.

For Region Leadership Conference, Region Officers are required to present a workshop at their local RLC. For more information about workshops at RLC, contact your region adviser. For the State Leadership Conference, any member has the opportunity to present a workshop. If you believe workshops are your bridge to success, ask your adviser to fill out the 2018 SLC Workshop Proposal Form. The proposal is due the 22nd of January. I cannot wait to see the knowledge that I will be able to learn at SLC workshops because of active leadership seeking members such as yourself. See you in March!