Social Activity of the Month – RLC Winners Reception

With Region Leadership Conferences coming to an end, it is the perfect time to celebrate your chapter’s winners! Host an RLC Winners Reception to recognize the members who exceeded in their competitions. Invite both winners, and the rest of the chapter.

During the event, recognize your Region Winners and State Qualifiers. They deserve credit for all of their hard work. This will put a smile on their faces, and encourage them to study hard so they can succeed at SLC. This will also encourage other members to work harder for next year’s events, and strait to state events.

Food makes any activity better. If your event is before school, pick up some donuts and coffee. If it is later in the day, pizza is always an inexpensive way to feed a crowd. Encourage members to meet new people and network while they eat–it will be a great way for younger members to talk to those more experienced in competitions. However you structure your event: just remember to make it fun!

March for Babies Reminder

Is your chapter looking for a community service project to participate in? The March for Babies is the perfect opportunity. The proceeds go towards funding research to prevent premature birth. The March of Dimes has different ways you can get involved. You can create a team and sign up to participate in a walk near you or you can participate in a virtual walk online. The March of Dimes not only is an amazing organization, but is also FBLA’s largest service partner. Join many others across the country in the fight for the health of moms and babies everywhere. For more information or to sign up go to .

SLOTS Preview

Are you wanting to EMERGE as greater leaders? SLOTS may be the place for you! Summer Leadership & Officer Training Summits (SLOTS) is an officer training session across the state July 8-11, 2019. Each session is meant to prepare local chapter officers and other leaders for duties and roles. In addition, chapter officers will work with advisers to develop and refine the chapter program of work and establish obtainable goals for their chapter. This training will not only train leaders for specific duties but will also develop a strong working officer team through strategic and interactive planning sessions, that will motivate your officer team and get them ready to work!

Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

Many people get nervous when speaking in front of crowds simply because it is out of their comfort zone. Teachers can use assignments to get students more comfortable with public speaking.

For example, write down easy topics for students to talk about and place them in a hat. Students can then draw a topic from the hat and then take 10 minutes to bounce ideas off of one another and prepare a few bullet points. Then allow them to talk about that topic for 2 minutes. Topics could include: what is the most important meal of the day or talk about your favorite childhood movie. Topics should stay simple and relate-able to everyone.

By creating a safe space for students to challenge themselves in this particular area, you have made it easier for them to develop this important skill. This is an easy way to not only advertise FBLA to non-members and possibilities of involvement to members, but to also build life skills in all students involved.

Harvest Time Giving 2018

On November 10,2018 we participated in Harvest time giving at Tabernacle International Church. At this event we helped package food to give to families and friends who attended the church. We also assisted with directing the flow of traffic outside the church so that it wouldn’t get congested. In the packages we provided a bag of apples and potatoes, can goods, bread, desserts, water bottles, soaps and a gift card for a turkey. When people received their boxes, they were more than happy to see that so many people were volunteering to provide them with Thanksgiving meals for them.