Scholarships and National Recognition

One of the most rewarding perks of being in a student organization such as FBLA is access to a number of scholarships sponsored by universities, other organizations, and FBLA. These scholarships are an excellent way to receive financial aid to further your education in a college university system.

These scholarships can be found at on the FBLA-PBL National Website.

Take advantage of these benefits that are available to you for simply being a member. Let all your hard work with this organization be paid back in the form of recognition or scholarships!

Also, be sure to keep in mind scholarship opportunities available specifically for Georgia FBLA members because Georgia FBLA offers members $10,000 in scholarships each year.

Furthermore, also be on the lookout for national recognition and awards due dates. Submissions for Business Achievement Awards will be due starting in March. Keep in mind that you will receive national recognition for earning the America Level Award.

  • LEAD is due March 1st
  • Future, Business, and Leader Levels are due March 1st
  • America Level is due April 25th

Community Service Awards (CSA) submissions are also right around the corner! Be sure to turn in your community service hours on time to be given the opportunity for national recognition at NLC this summer.

  • CSA Community- 50 hours, due March 1st
  • CSA Service- 200 hours, due March 1st
  • CSA Achievement- 500 hours, due April 25th

FBLA has a wide range of opportunities for members to find success. Use this information wisely, and do not be afraid to apply yourself!

Halloween Social 2019

At this years Halloween social we had lots of fun. We had many activities and competitions for our members to enjoy. Some people came dressed up in their best costumes. Our first activity was a cup stacking competition. We had three rounds and then a speed round to determine the winner. Our next activity was a building competition. We gave everybody 20 pumpkin candies and 20 tooth picks. The person that had the best Halloween themed 3-D structure, won. Our last activity was to make the most creative spider out of oreos and pretzels.  Once all the activities were over we began to serve food and drinks. We had pizza, popcorn, cake, soda, and juice.

Operation Christmas Child with Brookwood High School

The holidays are a time of great joy for some. They are a time for fun, family, and togetherness. Throughout the United States however, millions of children face these holidays devoid of the joy and happiness that the holidays should bring them.  Their parents may be facing hard times financially, or they are just alone. This should not be. Organizations like Samaritans Purse are dedicated the help spread the Christmas cheer. With Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child, gift-filled shoeboxes are distributed globally to children in need. Brookwood High School’s FBLA chapter decided to team up with our Mid-level Chapter, Five Forks to make sure that we did our part to help millions of children all around America and the world to enjoy their holiday season.

We asked for donations to be brought in and we proceeded to fill many boxes with as much toys as possible. The boxes were categorized by gender and age group, and we put toys in each appropriate category to maximize the potential happiness of the children who are to receive the toys. In addition to filling out about a hundred boxes with the many toys we generously received for our community through our shoebox drive, we also wrote notes of hope and encouragement. The notes were place on top of the toys in the box.

Operation Christmas child was a definite success, and raising so many toys for children in need offered a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction to all our FBLA officers and members from both the highs school and middle level. When asked why he chose to volunteer freshman, Boris Stephens, stated that “I feel like I chose to volunteer in operation Christmas child because I want to give back to the community.” One of the Midlevel members, Aanya Patel, said, “To me, Operation Christmas child is important because we get to make children across the country happy.” Brookwood’s officers we also asked. Our club president, Mya Swaby, commented that through this shoebox drive she has been inspired to continue spreading love and positivity to her community. The vice president of social activities, Raegan Patterson was asked what her favorite part of Operation Christmas child was. She said, “Writing amazing letters to children because I know how happy my note makes then when the open their shoebox full of gifts knowing that someone is thinking about them.” Overall, Brookwood High school and Five Forks Middle School came together to make this event a success and we are honored to be able to serve our community and nation through Operation Christmas Child.

Icebreaker of the Month — December

A great way for members to share their ideas during a meeting can be through brainstorming activities. Have members research different community service projects that your chapter could possibly complete during the Holiday season.

After about five minutes of brainstorming or so, allow the groups to stand and present their findings to the rest of the members.

A few ideas:

  1. Deliver cookies to the employees at a fire station, police station, or hospital.
  2. Recruit several families or businesses and adopt a nursing home. Buy a simple gift for each resident (lotion, slippers, holiday throw blankets, etc) and arrange a time to deliver the gifts.
  3. Send Christmas cards to veterans and current military personnel overseas.
  4. Deliver a baked good to your neighbors.
  5. Leave a Christmas card in your mailbox for the mail carrier.
  6. Go caroling at a nursing home.
  7. Volunteer to read a Christmas book aloud to your child’s class … or contact your local bookstore to see if you can schedule a time to read aloud to their children’s section.
  8. Ring bells for the Salvation Army.
  9. Host a packing party for Operation Christmas Child, a ministry through Samaritan’s Purse that sends a shoebox of gifts/personal items to a child in a Third World country for Christmas—which is often the only gift the child will receive.

Public Relations Activity — December

Now is the time of year where we all have made it through to the last stretch of the first semester of school. With 2020 right around the corner, December is a great time to recognize and reward others for their hard work this year. As expected, there are multiple midterms and finals that face all students before the start of winter break. Usually, it is not uncommon to see your fellow FBLA members and peers anxious and frantic in the midst of preparing for tests. However, what if I told you that there are things that you and your chapter can do to help ease everyone’s nerves in this season?

It is my suggestion that FBLA chapters commit to service this month by hosting small events and get-togethers to help students relax before their exams. In order to organize a purposeful “de-stress event”, consider what types of things would help best soothe students in your school community. A few ideas for events to organize can be found in the list below:

List of “De-Stress Events”

  • Decorate gingerbread cookies- Officers can bring frosting and sprinkles to make this activity a festive success. Furthermore, you can make this into a competition where the best cookie decorator wins a prize!
  • Host a Hot Chocolate Party- gather together supplies to make this holiday drink, and bring together your peers one afternoon to enjoy it
  • Photo Booth- with holiday signs and Santa hats where members can take pictures with their friends. It would also be fun to watch a holiday movie to allow your members the chance to unwind after a long semester.
  • Karaoke Competition- find your favorite songs and let the world hear your tunes as you relax to the sounds of music
  • Pet Therapy- partner with a local animal shelter and see if you can set up a date for students to visit and relax with adorable animal friends
  • Nature Walk-  select a trail or walking path near your school for students to go on; nature and exercise are great tools for boosting energy and happiness
  • Finger Painting Party- get your creative juices flowing with simple, but helpful finger painting activities (be sure to try out holiday-themed drawings!)
  • Modified Tutoring Sessions- use your chapter’s resources of knowledge to provide a scheduled tutoring session for students; be sure to interrupt tutoring with fun icebreakers in between
  • Community Service- Using this event as a way to do community service is a great way to give back in the holiday season. Members can be encouraged to bring a toy to donate to children in need in the holidays or your chapter can collect canned goods to donate to a local food shelter.

I hope that you have the opportunity to try out at least one of these ideas before final exams this year. Remember to study hard and also find time to give your mind a healthy break! Don’t forget to hashtag all of your exciting social event posts with #GAFBLA so members all across the state can see the fun things your chapter is doing!