Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

Many people get nervous when speaking in front of crowds simply because it is out of their comfort zone. Teachers can use assignments to get students more comfortable with public speaking.

For example, write down easy topics for students to talk about and place them in a hat. Students can then draw a topic from the hat and then take 10 minutes to bounce ideas off of one another and prepare a few bullet points. Then allow them to talk about that topic for 2 minutes. Topics could include: what is the most important meal of the day or talk about your favorite childhood movie. Topics should stay simple and relate-able to everyone.

By creating a safe space for students to challenge themselves in this particular area, you have made it easier for them to develop this important skill. This is an easy way to not only advertise FBLA to non-members and possibilities of involvement to members, but to also build life skills in all students involved.

Harvest Time Giving 2018

On November 10,2018 we participated in Harvest time giving at Tabernacle International Church. At this event we helped package food to give to families and friends who attended the church. We also assisted with directing the flow of traffic outside the church so that it wouldn’t get congested. In the packages we provided a bag of apples and potatoes, can goods, bread, desserts, water bottles, soaps and a gift card for a turkey. When people received their boxes, they were more than happy to see that so many people were volunteering to provide them with Thanksgiving meals for them.

Future Business Leaders of America Host a Food Drive as a Part of Homecoming Week

FBLA kicked off Homecoming Week by hosting its annual food drive. Anyone who participated brought the food in and delivered it to their respective class’s box. The drive was very much so a success, in the fact that the entire school combined raised 247 pounds’ worth of food. The Freshman class brought in 59 lbs. of food, the Sophomore class brought 80 lbs. of food, the Junior class brought in 57 lbs. of food, and the Senior class brought in 51 lbs. of food. The food was delivered to the Bowdon Community Food Bank at BACUM.

SLC Preview

This year’s SLC will be in beautiful downtown Atlanta! We will have tons of amazing workshops and events planned for our members to enjoy. The Hyatt in downtown Atlanta is close to many amazing restaurants and fun things for you and your chapter to do. Start an itinerary with your adviser so that they can make sure everything you do is fun and safe! Each and every year the members that compete in our competitive events find that the experience is unforgettable and we are so excited for all of you to have that same experience this year! Be sure to check and see if the competitive event you are doing is straight to state or not because you don’t want to miss out on the hundreds of awards! We couldn’t be more excited to see all of you in March and good-luck to those of you preparing for your events!