Coffee High School FBLA Members Shop to Bring Christmas to Others

Several Coffee High FBLA members went shopping for toys on December 14, 2017 to help contribute toys to the A Diva’s Christmas toy drive. Erika Show’s goal was to deliver toys to at least 50 children that would not be getting anything for Christmas. Coffee High FBLA President Timothy Tucker brought the toy drive to our attention because Erika Show had not yet reached her goal. FBLA members knew that this would be a great community service project and jumped right in by starting to plan on how we could help Erika reach her goal.  FBLA members decided that to buy toys for both boys and girls between the ages of 1-10 would be a great way to help. The members decided on how much to spend per gender and then set a date. After the FBLA Christmas party with CHS FBLA, CMS FBLA, GWCFC FBLA, and CMS FCCLA we set out to buy a variety of toys. The CHS FBLA members set out for Wal-Mart and bought present which were later delivered by Timothy Tucker and his mother to Erika Show. The members absolutely loved shopping for toys know that everything was going to a good cause within our community.