How To Submit Articles On the Georgia FBLA Website!

Submitting articles for the Georgia FBLA website is an excellent way to share your voice with the rest of the state organization. Here, you’ve probably noticed you can find State Officer articles, and articles published by local chapters! Best of all, submitting is a very straightforward process!

Submitting is easy. First, open the home page and click the profile icon at the top right of the page. Click “login”, and log-in using your designated adviser user an password. A WordPress banner will appear at the top of the screen with various options. Hover your mouse over on the “New” option and click “Post”.

The previous steps should have taken you to the New Post submission page, where you can type the title and body of your article. Make sure to add tags and a thumbnail to make your article appear polished and categorized.

Once you’ve finished composing your post, click on “Submit for Review”. Your article will be reviewed by a state officer and published soon after!

Happy writing!