Last Minute Tips to Help You Ace Your Performance Event

The Region Leadership Conferences are just around the corner. As we quickly approach the end of this year and into competition season, here are some last minute presentation tips to help you take your performance to the next level.

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare: This may seem cliché, but the best way to ace your performance event is to prepare as much as you can. Have your script completely memorized, and if your performance event is with a team, practice with them to improve your teamwork and cooperation.
  2. Be confident: A little confidence when you’re presenting goes a long way. When its time for you to go into your event, take a deep breath and believe in all the hard work that you have put in towards your event. If you believe in yourself, the judges will too.
  3. Speak clearly: When you are actually presenting, remember that the judges can’t help you if they do not understand you. We have a tendency to talk faster and slur words together when we are nervous, so try to be conscious of this when you are presenting.
  4. Do mock runs: Nothing prepare for the event like actually practicing in front of an audience. You could practice your event in front of advisers, other members, and even in your classes (given that the teacher allows you). This will help you get a good idea of how you will do under pressure in the real situation.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful as you continue to work your way towards regions. I hope to see you on stage!