Maintaining Momentum

We are in the midst of February with so many major dates fast approaching. There are a lot of things to do from finishing up Chapter of the Year Submissions to preparing for the State Leadership Conference. In the midst of this busy season, it is important to maintain the momentum and not slow down or miss deadlines. Here are some tips for your chapter to stay on task and finish the year strong.

  • Schedule Dates: It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work that may be left; but through effective scheduling, you can space out the tasks to make sure you get them done on time. Be sure to schedule a timeline ahead of time as this will allow your chapter flexibility, and you won’t overwork yourselves. Space out your tasks and take each goal one step at a time.
  • Take a Break: Sometimes the best way to avoid a breakdown in production is to take a break. When you are having work meetings, be sure to include breaks and fun activities so no one is burned out or too tired. Taking short breaks throughout will ultimately increase efficiency and production. Just don’t take too many for too long!
  • Stay on Task: When you are not taking break, make sure your chapter/officer team is on task. No one should be idly waiting for others to finish their parts. Instead have every pitch in and help each other in order to finish the task earlier. Tune out any possible distractions such as phones or music and focus your attention on the task at hand.