Presentation Tips

Region Leadership Conferences are only days away and many of you will be competing in a presentation event, so here are some quick presentation tips.

  • Look professional- The judges will be evaluating your appearance. This not only includes if what you are wearing is within the dress code, but if you look nervous. Be confident in yourself and your presentation.
  • Act confident- Walk in with a smile introduce yourself to the judges and shake their hands before your presentation starts. This sets up a good setting for a good presentation.
  • Breathe- You have practiced this presentation countless times and you are ready to show it to the judges. Stay calm, don’t rush through it speak slowly and clearly. If you forget your next line or mess up a word just take a deep breath and keep going.
  • Avoid Fillers- When you can’t think of the right word try to avoid saying words such as “um” “uh” “so” or “like”.

Good luck to everyone competing at RLC, we hope to see you competing at the State Leadership Conference in March.