Public Relations Activity of the Month #1

One of the greatest memories I have with my local FBLA chapter is of a day when we were visited by FranklinCovey’s Chief Marketing Officer. I was able to interact with him directly, ask questions, and learn a little about how he managed to become successful in his career. For quite some time, we had entertained the idea of reaching out to a successful businessperson, but the action never materialized. When we did put in the effort to invite a speaker, it paid off in a spectacular fashion.

What we often don’t realize is how small of a distance we need to travel in order to run into an experienced businessperson. Take a look around your local area and identify a key industry: it could be manufacturing, agriculture, or retail. More often than not, representatives from companies in these sectors (and sometimes high-profile representatives) are more than happy to visit local schools to talk about their businesses. Most are only an email or two away from appearing at a chapter meeting.

I strongly recommend reaching out to a local business owner or representative and inviting him or her to speak at a local chapter meeting. I can attest to the fact that it paid off for me – if not through the knowledge I earned through the experience, then by the inspiration it gave me to be able to interact with someone whose success I hoped to someday emulate.

In addition, hosting a businessperson is a great way to drive new members to your meetings. Make it a habit, and FBLA is sure to stand out among other organizations at your school.