Social Activity of the Month – Trivia Game

What is the best way to start the new year? A social activity for all your members of course! Consider hosting a trivia event to get your members excited for the second semester. Split members into groups of 2-4, and create at least 15 trivia questions. Social events should be fun, so throw in some lighthearted and fun questions. Give enough time between questions for members to get up and talk between rounds. Put out some food for them to snack on too! Who doesn’t like a good snack during trivia? There should be a prize for the winning team, but it can always be something fun. What matters more is that members have a good experience. Consider playing music during rounds, and just make the atmosphere enjoyable.

With RLC shortly approaching, this is also the perfect environment to speak to your members about competitions in an informal setting. Encourage them to keep practising for their live events, and studying for SLC events. Don’t push too hard though: a social event should take away stress, not add any. Remember to relax, and have fun!