BAA Activity of the Week #18

We’ve made it Georgia FBLA, here is your final BAA activity of the week for 2017! Remember that Future, Business, and Leader level BAAs are due March 1, and America level BAAs are due April 25.

Today’s activity comes from the America Level BAA. 

Activity 15 Technology/Communications
Develop and post a YouTube video about how FBLA has helped you prepare for your future career.

BAA Activity of the Week #15

Congrats to all the winners at our Region Leadership Conferences (RLCs) these last few weeks! One more award you can win at the state and national level is the America Level BAA. This week, take out your cell phone and create a video! Upload it to YouTube and submit it to help complete your BAA.

America Activity 15: Technology/Communications
Develop and post a YouTube video about how FBLA has helped you prepare for your future career.

BAA Activity of the Week #12

Here’s a fun activity to help you complete your America Level BAA:

Activity 2: Communications/Information Technology: Create an online autobiographical scrapbook presentation (movie, podcast, or slide show) highlighting your life — this must include FBLA activities, community service project, and demonstrate leadership skills.

Think about your “highlight reel” from birth until now, what key activities have you participated in? Make a Powerpoint or digital scrapbook and upload it to receive credit. Good luck!

BAA Article of the Week #9

Happy New Year from Georgia FBLA! We hope you enjoy your time off and don’t work too hard (unless it’s on FBLA, of course!)

Now’s a great time to work on your America Level BAA: Activity 6

Contact local businesses to find door prizes for members for drawings for local chapter meetings.

While you have time off, make a list of local businesses and start calling to find out what door prizes you can rack up!

BAA Activity of the Week #19

I know it is the second semester and you have a lot of other important clubs, organizations, and school work you need to focus on. The American BAA level may prove to use up a lot of your free time or time you need to participate in your other organizations, but do your other activities get you national recognition? Probably not. Go the extra mile and complete your America Level BAA because it is rewarding and worth it!
Relieve some of your second semester stress by choosing wisely. Pick your non-required activities on the basis of necessity. If you only have a few hours a week to work on your BAA, it probably would not be a good idea to write, plan, and perform a skit. Instead, you should choose an activity like Activity #23 under the Progress category of the America Level. Since you already know more than the average high school student about FBLA and you have experienced it firsthand, planning the meeting will only require minimal preparation. You will probably need to prepare an informational packet or a short presentation, but other than that conferencing with the administrators of another non-FBLA school should be a breeze. Be yourself and show them what you love and what they are missing out on!
Good luck on your America Level BAA! Remember: you are almost there and you can do it! Do not be discouraged by the many activities that you need to complete, instead focus on the feeling of being on the National and Georgia FBLA stages.
In order to get one step closer to finishing the final level of the BAAs, contact your local chapter adviser today to receive your individual login information. All BAAs must be submitted by the national deadline, March 1, 2016. If you would like to preview the requirements for the America BAA, click on the following link: