BAA America

Hello Georgia FBLA! State Leadership Conference is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to reward your hard work for the completion of the Business Achievement Awards.

If you have not yet completed the America Level, you have until April 25 to submit it for the National Leadership Conference. Continue completing the required tasks by setting aside some time every day to work on the America Level. For some helpful tips on time management for the BAAs, visit this page. If there is one major BAA task you may want to complete first, we suggest taking on the International Recruitment Project, as it will take numerous hours to research and complete.

Georgia FBLA is so proud of all your hard work humbled that members like you are willing to go the extra mile to represent our state! We can’t wait to see how far you with us this year!

Awards Program!

Recognition is a huge component of FBLA and motivating members to work up to achievement and maintain a high level of success in discovering their career ambitions and interests is absolutely key for individual and chapter prosperity.

Georgia FBLA offers numerous of awards and recognitions of various calibers to members who earn them in their FBLA journey; such as: BAA achievement pins and certificates, CSA recognition, scholarships, and awards presented at awards of excellence ceremonies at conferences; however, often times these are hard to work up to or hard to achieve without attending conferences and pursuing them rigorously.

I have a compromise: offer individualistic, team, or chapter awards and incentives to those who do outstanding work in a particular field or event. These can be established as up-for-grabs at the start of the school year or could be constructed as the brainchild of a proposed community event. None-the-less the award would recognize the student for their imitation and would motivate them and other members to strive to maintain the level of imitation and influence. The recognition could be inexpensive, calling out a congratulations on the morning announcements, or could range in expense — the discretion belongs to the chapter adviser’s, with school’s permission, to make.

Flashing lights, it shines our path for us to walk to success; flashing awards, they inspire us to strive for betterment in everything we do in life; flashing congratulations from peers, after all our peers are our greatest constructive force in life. No matter the exchange, know that the gesture is what counts — the intent to praise a student over a good deed manifests greatest in us all; here’s to the countless failures in our past that shape us to achieve tenfold amounts of success in our present and future!

BAA Activity of the Week #4

Hey there, Georgia FBLA! The featured BAA activity of this week is part of the Business award:

Activity 8 Communications/ Service Learning
Participate in a literacy project i.e. visit a kindergarten classroom and read a book, tutor in an after-school reading program, or help plan a chapter book drive.

Plan a date where you can visit a local elementary school to complete this task. The listed projects are good examples, but get creative with it!  Be sure to get clearance from your own school before visiting the school.

BAA Activity of the Week #3

Future Activity 22 is the featured BAA Activity of the Week:

Future Activity 22 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs

Recite the FBLA Creed at a chapter meeting or event and explain your understanding of this creed as it relates to your future and to the business world in a memo to your local chapter adviser.

The FBLA creed is available to you on the FBLA website and your, or your adviser’s, Chapter Planning Guide. Think of how the Creed lays out a foundation for how you can use FBLA to bring business and education together to prepare the members for a bright future.

Continue working hard on the BAAs!

BAA Activity of the Week #2

This week’s featured BAA Activity is Future Award 17:

Future Activity 17 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs Required.

Bring a friend who is a nonmember to a local chapter FBLA meeting.

One of the best methods to show your friends what FBLA is all about is to invite them to a meeting. This gives them the chance to get an idea of what the organization has in store for them, and allows them to develop goals for what they want to achieve in FBLA.

Good luck with your completion of the Future Award!