BAA Activity of the Week

Future Level:

Activity 1 (Required): Communications/Service Learning

Donate five (5) hours of community service. (Track your hours and service activities)


  • Help a teacher after school
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
  • Donate non-perishable items
  • Visit local nursing homes and help residents
  • Volunteer at an after-school program

Getting Started with BAA and CSA

Want to get more involved on the national level? Start the Business Achievement Awards program or the Community Service Award program.

What is BAA?

The Business Achievement Awards is a leadership development program for high school students to integrate into classrooms. There are four levels of the BAA: Future, Business, Leader, and America. Each level builds upon previous work and gets increasingly challenging to expand leadership skills and showcase talent.

In addition to the four different levels, each level covers these core activities and concepts: Service, Education, and Progress. Service focuses on activities that improves the school, area, businesses, community, and state. Education prepares members for corporate America and makes them more prepared for futures at college and at work. Progress explores the local, state, and national levels of FBLA-PBL and how they complement one another.

What is CSA?

The Community Service Awards recognizes FBLA members for their extraordinary commitment to community service. It has three levels of recognition, based on cumulative number of hours members contribute.

  • Community – 50 hours
  • Service – 200 hours
  • Achievement – 500 hours

These hours build throughout an FBLA member’s career.

How to Get Started on BAA and CSA

Since advisers are no longer required to register members for BAA and CSA, members work on the activities at the adviser’s discretion. Once a student completes the levels, go to the national page and fill out the appropriate form to submit students for recognition

Click here to visit the national page for both BAA and CSA!

Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (Leader Activity 5)

“Help your chapter organize and conduct an environmental service project, i.e., litter clean-up, donate energy efficient light bulbs to senior citizens, celebrate Earth Day, volunteer to help teachers ‘clear the clutter’ and clean up their classrooms, sponsor a coloring contest (using an environmental picture) for elementary students after presenting a skit or presentation about the environment, etc.

This is a great activity for you and your chapter because it has so many benefits. Not only are you helping to create a better atmosphere for your school and community, but you can count these service hours towards the Community Service Awards, and you are helping to promote FBLA through community involvement and servant leadership. This activity also spreads awareness about the environment and what citizens can do to improve it.

Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (America Activity 14)

“Develop an FBLA game show, an FBLA music video, or a reality show about FBLA. Prepare a story board and using electronic media such as video, YouTube, podcast, etc.” With such a versatile prompt, you can use this to promote different aspects of FBLA based on your chapter’s needs. If you’re trying to recruit new members, you can make it about membership benefits. If you’re trying to encourage seniors to stay involved, you can promote scholarship opportunities provided by FBLA. You can also use it to promote studying for events, make meetings more lively, and use it to promote national programs such as BAAs.

LEAD Activity of the Month- November

This month’s activity comes from the Bronze Level. We’ll be focusing on Activity 2: Be a HERO for Babies from the category Service: Super Star.

This activity is all about our national service partner The March of Dimes. To complete this activity you don’t have to organize a march or fundraise. The goal of this activity is to spread awareness of the March of Dimes and their mission with those in your community. You are asked to create a rack card, which is basically a postcard that is covered in information on both sides. You can use information on the March of Dimes website, or from what you have seen from what your chapter does to support this organization. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas:

  • the mission of March of Dimes
  • past success of the organization
  • where the money donated goes
  • information for where to donate
  • the March of Dimes logo
  • pictures of babies that have been impacted by the organization

The above are suggestions for what to include on your rack card. You have the freedom to convey any message you think is important. Not only does this card help you advance to the next level of your LEAD program, but it can also be used at a chapter meeting or in the community to promote our national service partner.