Getting Started With BAAs


Business Achievement Awards, better known as BAAs, are the perfect way to grow your leadership skills and abilities. There are four levels of BAAs, each getting progressively more difficult. The first level is Future, where you will start your journey in becoming a better leader. To access BAAs, ask your adviser for your chapter number and password, and go here to log in.

Once you login, you will be presented with three categories: Service, Education, and Progress. Within each category, there are multiple activities that must be completed before you can submit for your award. After completing Future, your adviser must give you a new password to access the Business level. After Business comes Leader, and finally America. If you finish the America Level BAA, you will be recognized at the State and National conference.



As students progress through BAAs, you are responsible for registering them and finalizing their submissions. To login to the adviser portal, sign in with your national information here. 

You will have the opportunity to “DO NEW” registrations, where you will sign students up and get their passwords, and “Review” registrations. Once a student finishes a BAA level, click “Review” registrations, and click on their key. You can review their submissions, and then click submit on the bottom right of the page. Remember: you need to register students for each new level of BAA (ex: if a student completes Future, you must then register them for Business, etc.).

BAA America

Hello Georgia FBLA! State Leadership Conference is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to reward your hard work for the completion of the Business Achievement Awards.

If you have not yet completed the America Level, you have until April 25 to submit it for the National Leadership Conference. Continue completing the required tasks by setting aside some time every day to work on the America Level. For some helpful tips on time management for the BAAs, visit this page. If there is one major BAA task you may want to complete first, we suggest taking on the International Recruitment Project, as it will take numerous hours to research and complete.

Georgia FBLA is so proud of all your hard work humbled that members like you are willing to go the extra mile to represent our state! We can’t wait to see how far you with us this year!

Final Push for BAAs

Hopefully everyone has been hard at work to complete the Business Achievement Awards! The BAAs are due for the 2018 SLC on Thursday, March 1st. The clock is ticking!

If you are struggling to complete the more difficult, time-consuming tasks, set aside a few hours on particular days with no major plans. Set a list of priorities for the tasks so you can track your progress. This tends to motivate people in all types of scenarios.

If you usually spend too much time perfecting your work, do not worry so much about the perfection of each task until you have completed each one. Then, go back to edit and clean up the projects. Creating outlines for your projects can aid you in fitting in the information required, later leaving you with time to revise your work.

I hope these tips will come in handy as you strive to finish up your BAA submissions! We hope to see you in March at the 2018 state Leadership Conference!