BCHS FBLA Named Top FBLA Team Donor for Middle Georgia

Bleckley County High School’s Future Business Leaders of America was awarded the 2016 Bibb/Macon March for Babies Top FBLA Team Award. Bleckley FBLA members and advisers are elated about the donation of $900.00 they were able to make to this worthy cause this past school year.

BCHS FBLA President, Lacey W. and March of Dimes Chair, Tyler S. are shown above with the award and a handwritten note from Glenda Davis, Senior Development Manager of Central/Southern Georgia March of Dimes. Ms. Davis expressed her appreciation for our organization’s hard work and continued support and dedication to the cause. Ms. Davis commented that Bleckley High’s FBLA is truly making a difference in the lives of babies in Middle Georgia and beyond.

March of Dimes’ March for Babies is an FBLA State Project that BCHS FBLA takes to heart. Each year we participate in a variety of activities to earn money for this cause. We appreciate the willingness of Superintendent Steve Smith to allow us to hold a system wide dress down week each year as well as a Hats On For Babies hat day at BCHS each year. We hope to expand opportunities to raise money for this cause in the future.

Bleckley FBLA Invites Advisory Board Member Sewell to Speak

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017 BCHS FBLA and Business classes had a guest speaker, Wesley Sewell.  Wesley, is a recruiter from Middle Georgia State College and a member of the Bleckley County High School CTAE/CTSO Advisory Board.

He spoke to the business classes about how to get into college. He spoke of the different opportunities they have to obtain scholarships from MGSU and about a scholarship, they offer for Bleckley County students that will pay for half of the first-semester tuition. He also introduced students to the many sports opportunities that MGSU has to offer and about the continuing expansion of their athletic department. Mr. Sewell discussed the diplomas and certificates that students can obtain from MGSU and the academics available to students at a multitude of locations throughout Middle Georgia. He spent a good bit of time discussing their Aviation School located in Eastman and the different opportunities that students could have with the aviation school only found in a few locations throughout the United States. He also discussed the move on when ready program (MOWR) for BCHS students. The students were very involved in what he had to say and learned a lot about MGSU.

FBLA Members Complete MOS Certifications

Bleckley County High School may be small in size and number, but we make up for that in a huge effort and striving for success. Bleckley County High School has been working hard to break last year’s certification success numbers and we are well on our way to achieve this. BCHS students achieved 167 Certifications last year and we currently have achieved 142 certifications so far this year. Sixty-eight percent of our BCHS FBLA members have achieved at least one certification with some members achieving as many as 9 certifications. We are super proud of our MOS certifying FBLA members! Continue to work hard to achieve that goal!

Region 5 Adviser of the Year

Melissa Barker, Bleckley County High School adviser, was named 2017 FBLA Region 5 Adviser of the Year on February 20, 2017. Mrs. Barker has worked with FBLA at Bleckley County High School since Fall of 2015.

BCHS FBLA members and officer team surprised Mrs. Barker with a celebration on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. The celebration included a cake, a card filled with a sentiment from officers and members, as well as a frog wind chime to add to Mrs. Barker’s frog decor collection.

Congratulations to Mrs. Barker and BCHS FBLA on a job well done!

Bleckley High Scores High at Region 5

BCHS FBLA had a total of 37 top 10 finishes in Region 5 Competition on Friday. 21 of those were top 5 finishes.

The following students will be advancing to state competition: Jordan B., Alex N. (2), Tucker F. (2), William D. (2), Allyson B. (2), Logan A., Naomi R., Kory B., Eli N., and Tyler Sw. BCHS will also be taking one Monopoly team to compete in the state finals.

10th Place Winners:

Jordan B.                                                  Accounting I

Caitlyn W.                                                 Journalism

Emily A. & Hailie W.                              Website Design


9th Place Winners:

Eli N.                                                      Introduction to Information Technology

Connor F.                                              Marketing Individual


8th Place Winners:

Alex N.                                                       Accounting I

Kasey M.                                                   Entrepreneurship Individual

Kory B.                                                       Global Business Individual


7th Place Winners:

Tucker F.                                                  Accounting I

Jordan S.                                                  Hospitality Management Individual

Lacey B. W.                                              Marketing Individual

Tyler Sa.                                                    Organizational Leadership

Makayla L.                                                Job Interview


6th Place Winners:

Jillian G.                                                     Marketing individual

Jillian G. & Jordan S.                               Publication Design Team

Sam B.                                                         Word Processing


5th Place Winners:

William D.                                                   Business Calculations

Avery G.                                                       Digital Video Production

Tyler Sa. & Megan M.                                Publication Design Team


4th Place Winners:

Tucker F.                                                     Business Calculations

Tyler Sw.                                                     Entrepreneurship Individual

Lacey B. W. & Makayla L.                       Marketing Team


3rd Place Winners:

Sam B.                                                          Advertising

Kasey M., Miranda P., & Tyler Sw.         Entrepreneurship Team

Miranda P.                                                   Entrepreneurship Individual

Megan M., Jordan S., & Caitlyn W.        Hospitality Management Team


2nd Place Winners

Justin P.                                                         Advertising

Kory B. & William D.                                  Global Business Team

Connor F. & Jillian G.                                Marketing Team

Emily A. & Halie W.                                   Social Media Campaign


1st Place Winners

Abbigail R.                                                    Advertising

Allyson B.                                                     Computer Applications

Alex N.                                                          Database Design and Applications

Logan A., Naomi R. & Kory B.                 Digital Video Production

William D.                                                   Global Business Individual

Allyson B.                                                    Introduction to Financial Math

Tyler S.                                                     Spreadsheet Applications