NLC Preview

Are you considering attending the 2018 FBLA National Leadership Conference? There’s still some more time to decide if you will attend this conference, but here’s a quick preview of NLC!

NLC is the culmination of the hard work members and advisers have put forth all year. This year’s NLC will take place in the historic city of Baltimore, Maryland from June 28th-July 1st. Members all across the country will come to compete against the best of the best and show the nation how hard they’ve been preparing all year. We want plenty of Georgia FBLA members and advisers to represent us at this conference!

You’ll have the chance to see what Baltimore has to offer; from the beautiful sights to the marvelous harbor, I’m sure it won’t disappoint! In addition, you’ll be able to visit the campaign booths of those running for national office. And as a member of our Southern Region, you will get the chance to vote for our next National Southern Region Vice-President.

You don’t have to be a national competitor to attend the National Leadership Conference. I recommend that you talk to your adviser(s) to see the next step in attending NLC this summer. In the mean time, the state officers wish you the best luck in all of your FBLA activities and endeavors and hope to see you next month at our State Leadership Conference!

Building Bridges to New Members

It’s the new year, and it’s time to recruit more new members! Check out these tips for increasing your chapter’s membership this year!


  1. Create a video with your chapter highlighting the different benefits of joining FBLA second semester.
  2. Visit the Georgia FBLA YouTube channel to find out information on various challenges like Domino Effect or the State Project (the Choice is Yours).
  3. Encourage your officers and members to bring a buddy to the next FBLA meeting to receive a free snack item.
  4. Post pictures on social media with #BuildingBridges sharing your favorite FBLA moment to spread the mission of FBLA.
  5. Promote community service opportunities and the ability to attend NLC this year in historic Baltimore!


Good luck with your recruitment efforts! Look out for membership challenges and don’t forget to keep Building Bridges to new members!

Bridge to the Next Level

We have reached our milestone- the year is winding down and we’re looking forward to the new year. The new year brings about new changes that we all must prepare ourselves for, so here’s a couple of advice to help you build a bridge of success into the new year:

  1. Don’t be shy, and introduce yourself to your new FBLA family. As you excel to the next level, make sure you get to know your chapter and the way they run things
  2. All levels are different and bring about new, exciting things. Mentally prepare yourself for a bigger and exciting FBLA year.

In honor of FBLA, I encourage each and every one of you to look forward to building your bridge into the next level or challenge you may face. Whether you’re in middle level entering a high school chapter, a high school student moving forward into PBL, or even a PBL member moving onto the Professional Division, we hope you continue to be the leader that you were born to be!