Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month-October

As the first golden leaves of fall hit the ground, it is a golden time for you and your chapter to recruit more members. October is the perfect opportunity to host social events for your membership that can encourage new members to attend while keeping old members attentive and active. Here is a list of events that you can host in October to give the extra boost to your membership:

  • Halloween Social/Party: Nothing beats the traditional Halloween social. It’s a fun event that will help attract new members while helping them get to know the other members of your chapter. Having members donate candy and other snacks lightens the load on the chapter budget, and you can have members help with the decoration and setup. This is a perfect and easy afterschool activity that promises fun and new members.
  • Haunted House: Nothing brings members together like a trip to a local haunted house. Organize the trip and encourage members to bring their friends. As they get know each other through the trip, they will be more inclined to join your FBLA chapter. If visiting the haunted house trip isn’t enough, you can even work with your chapter to create your own haunted house and give discounts to members which would entice more people to join to get the discount.



Public Relations Activity of the Month: October

The leaves are changing colors, and the smell of Pumpkin Spice has filled almost every coffee shop in town. With many changes taking place, it’s time for a new for a new Public Relations activity! This month, communication with members is key as conferences are right around the corner. To keep your chapter members up-to-date, utilizing programs such as Remind101 can be the primary step towards success this fall!

Remind101 allows you to easily find out information about any new events, changes, or meetings that members may forget about. This can help with increasing member participation because more students will have access to events and not be kept out of the loop.