September Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month

This month’s Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month is under the Chapter Management and Organization section of the Chapter of the Year entry form. Chapters who conduct an officer installation or new member induction, FBLA history presentation, or Emblem Ceremony receive 5 points for Chapter of the Year.

This is a quick and easy activity that can be incorporated into your September chapter meeting. In an officer induction ceremony, each officer is given a specific candle that represents a certain aspect of their position.

For example, the President of your chapter would receive a red candle that represents their duties and obligations to the chapter and its members.

The script for installation ceremonies can be conducted by an adviser and is easily found on the National FBLA website. Georgia FBLA wishes you luck on Chapter of the Year and if you have any questions related to Chapter of the Year, you can email the state adviser Monty Rhodes at

August Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month

This month’s Chapter of the Year activity update is supposed to help your local chapter get the “easy points” that are hidden in the Chapter of the Year entry form.

There are various ways to gain points from everyday activities your chapter already participates in and activities your chapter can easily implement. If you look at the chapter entry form, you’ll see that the activities listed under Chapter Management and Organization and Social Activity are quick and easy Chapter of the Year points.

For example, your chapter can gain 10 points for developing a chapter program of work, 10 points for preparing a chapter public relations plan, 5 points for preparing a chapter budget and income statement, 5 points for nominating a member of the month, and 5 points for each social activity.

These activities are easy to conduct in the first few weeks of school when your chapter is setting up for the year. Don’t forget you earn more points by submitting your Chapter of the Year entry form early! I hope that these activities are helpful to get you on track for your chapter of year journey. If you have any questions about Chapter of the Year, you can email the state adviser, Monty Rhodes at

Chapter of the Year

New Year, New Us

Wow! 2018 has just reached its end which means it is time for reflecting on how much you and your chapter has grown through the past conferences and chapter meetings. It is also time to emerge as the best chapter in Georgia FBLA by partaking in Chapter of the Year. The Early Submissions deadline passed on December 5th, but your chapter’s New Year’s Resolutions could still be accomplished by the regular February deadline. If you earned points from the Early Submissions, your chapter can receive bonus points. If not, don’t fret because your chapter still has the opportunity to gain recognition!  Let’s create, lead, and inspire our members, chapter, and advisers by achieving Chapter of the Year Honors.

The 2019 Chapter Planning Guide

Chapters should use the Chapter Planning Guide they received at the beginning of the school year. The High School Chapter of the Year guidelines are on pages 28-29 and the Middle School Chapter of the Year guidelines are posted on pages 30-31. The charts may seem very overwhelming, but step-by-step, members can tally up their chapter’s points by reflecting on what they have participated in throughout the year.

In the picture above, you can see the State Project in the table of contents. This is because one of the sections in Chapter of the Year is to partake in EMERGE: “Educating Members Early Regarding Georgia’s Economy”.

According to the Chapter Planning Guide, recognition for the honors include
Bronze Chapters: Minimum of 600 points
Silver Chapters: Minimum of 900 points.
Gold Chapters: Minimum of 1,200 points (with a minimum of 100 members.) The top 20 Gold Chapters will be names “Superior Chapters”.

In addition, chapters who wish to qualify for the Overall Chapter of the Year must submit an application to the national office for the 2018-2019 award.

Refer to the Chapter Planning Guide to help organize your activities and calculate your points throughout the next month and if you have any urgent questions, feel free to email any of the state officers using the email format, or our executive director Monty Rhodes at Have a wonderful start to the year and I hope to see you emerge on stage in March at our State Leadership Conference!

Maintaining Momentum

We are in the midst of February with so many major dates fast approaching. There are a lot of things to do from finishing up Chapter of the Year Submissions to preparing for the State Leadership Conference. In the midst of this busy season, it is important to maintain the momentum and not slow down or miss deadlines. Here are some tips for your chapter to stay on task and finish the year strong.

  • Schedule Dates: It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work that may be left; but through effective scheduling, you can space out the tasks to make sure you get them done on time. Be sure to schedule a timeline ahead of time as this will allow your chapter flexibility, and you won’t overwork yourselves. Space out your tasks and take each goal one step at a time.
  • Take a Break: Sometimes the best way to avoid a breakdown in production is to take a break. When you are having work meetings, be sure to include breaks and fun activities so no one is burned out or too tired. Taking short breaks throughout will ultimately increase efficiency and production. Just don’t take too many for too long!
  • Stay on Task: When you are not taking break, make sure your chapter/officer team is on task. No one should be idly waiting for others to finish their parts. Instead have every pitch in and help each other in order to finish the task earlier. Tune out any possible distractions such as phones or music and focus your attention on the task at hand.

Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month: February

Welcome to the month of February, the month of love and Mardi Gra. As you wrap up competitions for regions and start preparing for the State Leadership Conference in March, you will need to start wrapping up………..  Chapter of the Year! With the deadline being a few days away, your local chapter should be finalizing the final papers for submission. Last month, I talked about how you can earn points by participating in state and national projects. This month, I am going to help you maintain your points and not lose any points.

Lets’ go back to the chapter planning guide and look at the Chapter of the Year entry form. First, go to the Penalty Points section. The first subsection is Membership Threshold. For Bronze & Silver Chapters, if your local membership is below 50 members, 1 point will be subtracted for each member below that mark. For Gold Chapters, if your local membership is below 100 members, 1 point will be subtracted for each member below that mark. The next subsection is Conference Attendance, For Gold chapters, 10 points will be subtracted  for each conference (SLOTS, Rally, FLC, or RLC) in which members did not attend or if a chapter adviser did not attend a FALCON conference. The last subsection is Business Achievement Award Threshold. For Bronze & Silver Chapters, your local chapter must meet the 25 point range in the Business Achievement Awards section, 1 point will be subtracted for every point short. For Gold Chapters, your local chapter must meet the 50 point range in the Business Achievement Awards section, 1 point will be subtracted for every point short.

This is will be the last Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month article for this school year. I want to personally thank everyone that read my articles monthly to receive some information about how they can be the best local chapter in the state. I hope to see more chapters then ever receive Chapter of the Year statues in March. Remember that submissions are due on February 20th .If you have any questions about Chapter of the Year, you can email the state adviser Monty Rhodes at: