Recruiting Members for Next Year

April 1st is the deadline for chapters to be recognized for their membership efforts at NLC, but recruiting members doesn’t stop there. It should be your goal to have your chapter’s membership increased by the end of the school year, but if not you can start TODAY working to push your membership levels to shining new heights next year.

Now is the time when many students will be thinking about their classes for next year and a Business, Finance, or Computer Science course should be on their list! Be sure to start promoting your pathways and FBLA chapter around your school so prospective members can start getting an idea of what this thing called FBLA means. Students speaking directly to other students is a great way to help spread the word about FBLA. Over the summer have an FBLA booth at your school’s open house with application ready for members to sign up.


These are just a couple tips on how to get a kick start on your membership recruitment for next year. Be sure to post tips and pictures of how your chapter is recruiting members on social media using #GAFBLA.

Mid Year Membership Recruitment

It is never too late to recruit members! Whether through speaking about the organization in a class conversation with your classmates or creating a quick promotional video for your chapter, recruiting members is important at every time of the year! Your recruiting efforts will help show students how many skills they can develop and incredible people they can meet within Georgia FBLA.

Some ideas for mid year membership recruitment could be handing out mini candy canes at lunch with a small paper tag of what FBLA is and what it means to you. Another idea is having each of your members bring a friend who is not in FBLA so they can experience all the fun your chapter has in a meeting. Some students feel that they can not get involved within their FBLA chapter because it is too late to sign up for competitive events, however promote community service projects and BAAs. Community service projects are a way to give back to the community that gives so much to our local chapters and BAAs could even allow a student an opportunity to attend state or even Nationals!

No matter the time of year keep on recruiting students for your chapter because every students deserves to be apart of the fun! Good luck and happy recruiting!

What’s in the Box?

It is time to get out those boxes full of Georgia FBLA materials and put them to good use! Your chapter received a chapter starter kit at GACTE or SLOTS in July. These boxes of recruitment information can help kick start your new chapter and will definitely continue to promote your chapter.

Here are a few ways to use your Chapter Planning Kit.

1. Spread the word
The best way to promote FBLA and your chapter is through spreading the word. Your chapter can talk to more than just prospective members but also the inform parents too. Start by handing out the cards and brochures to students throughout the school. This will give them a glance in this year’s theme “ Time to Shine,” as well as a snippet of how they can get involved. The cards and brochures are quick and easy to hand out while being an important role in the promotion of your chapter.

2. Publicize
The posters are a fun way to get students excited about this fantastic year in Georgia FBLA and how they can make it their Time To Shine! Posters are great to post on bulletin boards, walls around the school, or even better…an FBLA bulletin board for your chapter.

3. Inform your Chapter Officers
It is crucial to have your chapter officers informed on what is going on in Georgia FBLA this year. They are a great liaison between students and FBLA advisers. Officers are able to share their personal stories and thoughts on why they are a part of this organization to prospective members. Hand out chapter planning guides to your officers to they can share dates, membership campaigns, competitive events, and learn how to make this year your chapters “Time To Shine!”

Good luck on your membership recruitment this year and we hope your chapter has a fantastic year!