Last Minute Tips to Help You Ace Your Performance Event

The Region Leadership Conferences are just around the corner. As we quickly approach the end of this year and into competition season, here are some last minute presentation tips to help you take your performance to the next level.

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare: This may seem cliché, but the best way to ace your performance event is to prepare as much as you can. Have your script completely memorized, and if your performance event is with a team, practice with them to improve your teamwork and cooperation.
  2. Be confident: A little confidence when you’re presenting goes a long way. When its time for you to go into your event, take a deep breath and believe in all the hard work that you have put in towards your event. If you believe in yourself, the judges will too.
  3. Speak clearly: When you are actually presenting, remember that the judges can’t help you if they do not understand you. We have a tendency to talk faster and slur words together when we are nervous, so try to be conscious of this when you are presenting.
  4. Do mock runs: Nothing prepare for the event like actually practicing in front of an audience. You could practice your event in front of advisers, other members, and even in your classes (given that the teacher allows you). This will help you get a good idea of how you will do under pressure in the real situation.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful as you continue to work your way towards regions. I hope to see you on stage!

Middle Level Competitive Events

This year, Middle Level FBLA members will have more opportunities than ever before to compete in several different competitive events! Below are the six competitive events available to Middle Level members:

  • Business Math & Financial Literacy: Put your math and business skills to the test with this event.
  • Career Exploration: Take a test to measure your knowledge of career pathways and job searching.
  • Community Service Project: Describe one community service project that your chapter has planned and implemented during the year.
  • Elevator Speech: Present an elevator speech to a State Senator about how FBLA-Middle Level helps students develop leadership skills and why it is important to have this organization in middle schools.
  • Introduction to Computer Science & Coding: Test your knowledge of the basic principles of coding and computational systems.
  • Multimedia & Website Development: Design, build, and launch a website that features the competitor’s ability to incorporate the elements of website design, graphic layout, and proper coding techniques.

We hope you are as excited as we are to have more opportunities to build bridges to success in order to elevate your future!

For more information about these competitive events, visit

Getting Ready for RLC

Are you ready to build bridges to success at your Region Leadership Conference?

Check out these tips on how you can be more prepared to construct a bright future with competitive events!

  1. Start practicing and studying early!
  2. Be sure to look over the dress code to avoid deductions.
  3. Be on leader time (15 minutes early)!
  4. If your event requires materials to be submitted ahead of time, make sure to know the specific dates.
  5. Perform a workshop to build bridges to new connections.

We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish and how far your journey in Georgia FBLA takes you! Be sure to tag us in your RLC pictures and posts @georgiafbla !

Explore Written Events and Skills Events

The skills events are Computer Applications, Database Design & Applications, Spreadsheet Applications and Word Processing. Skills events are a great way to test your computer skills and win awards at Region, State, and Nationals. The forms for the skills events are due on November 1, 2016 and the testing materials will be distributed on Thursday, November 17th at the Fall Leadership Conference.

Chapters can submit only one entry and participants must not have entered this event at a previous National Leadership Conference. Excluding Computer Applications, these events are one-hour long production tests and will be administered prior to Region Leadership Conference and State Leadership Conference.

Good luck to all those who will be competing!

Fall Motivational Rally Competitive Events!

The 2016 Georgia FBLA Fall Motivational Rally at the Georgia National Fairgrounds is right around the corner, and you don’t want to miss out on the many opportunities you and your chapters can participate in at #Rally2016!

Here are all the contests and events you and your chapter can participate in to display your skills and test your knowledge in various subjects and areas.



Chapters are encouraged to design and create a banner to promote their chapter for this exciting contest. This contest will take place this year in conjunction with the Georgia FBLA Fall Motivational Rally and FBLA Day at the Georgia National Fair. Chapters not participating in the Fall Motivational Rally are not eligible to participate.



The Georgia FBLA Annual Chapter Spirit T-Shirt Contest will take place this year in conjunction with the Georgia FBLA Fall Motivational Rally and FBLA Day at the Georgia National Fair. Chapters not participating in the Fall Motivational Rally are not eligible to participate. Your chapter members must wear their shirts to the Rally and Fair. You must email a picture of your members in their shirt at the Rally no later than October 21st.



To celebrate our state project, The TREY Project, chapters are encouraged to research and display “What the A.D.A. Means to Me.” This contest will be held in conjunction with the Georgia FBLA Fall Motivational Rally and FBLA Day at the Georgia National Fair. Chapters must be registered for the Fall Motivational Rally to participate.



  • Accounting I/Accounting II
  • Agribusiness
  • Banking & Financial Systems
  • Business Law
  • Business Calculations/Introduction to Financial Math
  • Business Communication/Introduction to Business Communication
  • Introduction to Business Procedures/ Introduction to Business
  • Computer Applications/Spreadsheet Applications/Word Processing
  • Computer Problem Solving/Help Desk
  • Database Design/Management Information Systems
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship/Management Decision Making
  • FBLA Principles & Procedures
  • Future Business Leader
  • Global Business
  • Health Care Administration
  • Hospitality Management
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Network Design & Concepts/Cyber Security
  • Parliamentary Procedure/Intro to Parliamentary Procedure
  • Personal Finance/Insurance & Risk Management/ Securities & Investments
  • Sports & Entertainment Management



  • Business Computations
  • Business Concepts
  • Career Exploration
  • Computer Concepts/Internet Concepts/Social Media Concepts
  • FBLA Concepts
  • Introduction to Business Communication/Business Spelling
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Parliamentary Procedure Concepts
  • Personal Financial Concepts


We cannot wait to see the over 9,000+ Georgia FBLA members in Perry this coming October!