Getting Ready for FBLA Week

FBLA-PBL week is right around the corner! FBLA-PBL week is February 3-9, 2019. FBLA-PBL week will give your chapter the opportunity to educate both your school and community on FBLA with different celebratory activities throughout the week.

Here are just a few ways to celebrate FBLA-PBL Week:


  • Sunday: Share Your Story Sunday  Share Your Story Sunday is a great way to share with others the many things this organization has to offer. You can do this through social media by creating a photo collage, a video, or describe your favorite FBLA memory. Be sure to use the hashtag #FBLAPBLWeek, when posting.
  • Monday: Promote Competitive Events Monday, February 4 is scheduled for High School SLC Skills Testing Day
  • Tuesday: Each One Reach One Day – Set up a table during one of your lunches and talk to peers and classmates about what all FBLA has to offer.
  • Wednesday: Adviser Appreciation Day – We can all agree that without our advisers, the fruits of our hard work would wither and the soil at our feet would wash away. Take this day to thank them for their enduring and selfless support!
  • Thursday: Career Day and Professional Attire Day – Make a presentation to present to your business classes of the various businesses in your community and reach out to those leaders, inviting them to your class or chapter meeting.
  • Friday: FBLA-PBL Spirit Day – Show your FBLA-PBL pride by posting a group photo of members from your chapter wearing your chapter t-shirts using the hashtag #FBLAPBLWeek and #GAFBLA.
  • Saturday: FBLA Community Service Day – Search throughout your community for different community service projects that your chapter can assist with and encourage participation with other organizations in your community.


Make sure to tag @georgiafbla and use the hashtag #gafbla to share your FBLA Week Ideas.


Membership Recruitment Idea-February

The Chapter of the Year submission deadline is fast approaching. Now is the time to top off your membership and earn those last few points for membership recruitment. Here are some ways to help you end the year strong:

FBLA Week: FBLA week is the second week of February and an excellent opportunity for your chapter to recruit members. By having a unique event every day of the week, you should be able to attract more members to your chapter. Some sample activities that you can do for recruitment through out the week is suggested in the link below:

End of the Year Social: The name says it all. A social is a great way to encourage current members to return to membership next year, celebrate members who are moving on to the State Leadership Conference, and even attract more members to join your chapter. Make it fun and have members invite friends to bring along with them.

Encourage Members to Pay: The membership registration deadline is only 2 months away. If you currently have any members that have not payed yet, it is now a great time to put pressure on them to pay their dues. If they are not paid members by April, then they are not considered registered members for your chapter for this year.


Getting Ready for FBLA Week

Every year FBLA members and chapters from across our country and world take a special week to celebrate their advisers, publicize FBLA activities, boost membership, and gear up for all the amazing events happening in the spring. This very special week is FBLA week which will be from February 12th through the 18th.

Be sure to start thinking of some great activities you and your chapter can celebrate in order to show off your FBLA chapter to your entire school and community. If you can’t think of anything here is a schedule of daily themes your chapter can participate in.

Monday – FBLA Each One Reach One Day

Tuesday- FBLA Professional Dress Day

Wednesday – FBLA Adviser Appreciation Day

Thursday – FBLA Career Awareness Day

Friday – FBLA Spirit Day

Saturday – FBLA Community Service Day


These are some great activities to celebrate FBLA week! You may choose to participate in these or create your own. Either way, be sure to keep Georgia FBLA updated with all of your activities by posting pictures or videos on your chapter’s social media accounts using the #GAFBLA and #FBLAPBLWeek

Participating in FBLA is a great way to keep your members excited about being in FBLA and it’s an easy opportunity to inform the public about the great things your chapters are doing!

Getting Ready for FBLA Week

Hello Georgia FBLA! The time has almost come for our great celebration. FBLA is the time to show full support of this great organization! The dates of FBLA Week are February 7, 2016-February 13, 2016. As a chapter, try to participate each day and also encourage your fellow classmates who are not members to join our organization! This is a great way to reach out to others and bring new people to get involved!