February’s Public Relations Activity of the Month

The month of February presents a multitude of opportunities for your chapter to connect with legislators.  For instance, since February is national CTE (Career and Technology Education) month, your chapter has an outstanding platform to approach your representatives in favor for career and technology education. In fact, try writing a letter to your representatives or inviting them to speak at a meeting. Even better, join your state officers for CTSO day at the capitol, an opportunity to personally advocate for FBLA. CTSO day will be Thursday, February 21st at the Georgia Capitol Building in Atlanta.

The second week of February is also home to FBLA-PBL week. Many chapters seize this chance to gain publicity in their local communities. For example, your chapter’s volunteer service for Saturday’s “Community Service Day” could land you in a local newspaper. Even better, your chapter’s Spirit Day picture could become viral, using the hashtag, #FBLAPBLWeek. FBLA-PBL week offers countless opportunities to increase your chapter’s membership and relevance in your community.

Membership Recruitment Idea-February

The Chapter of the Year submission deadline is fast approaching. Now is the time to top off your membership and earn those last few points for membership recruitment. Here are some ways to help you end the year strong:

FBLA Week: FBLA week is the second week of February and an excellent opportunity for your chapter to recruit members. By having a unique event every day of the week, you should be able to attract more members to your chapter. Some sample activities that you can do for recruitment through out the week is suggested in the link below:


End of the Year Social: The name says it all. A social is a great way to encourage current members to return to membership next year, celebrate members who are moving on to the State Leadership Conference, and even attract more members to join your chapter. Make it fun and have members invite friends to bring along with them.

Encourage Members to Pay: The membership registration deadline is only 2 months away. If you currently have any members that have not payed yet, it is now a great time to put pressure on them to pay their dues. If they are not paid members by April, then they are not considered registered members for your chapter for this year.


Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month: February

Welcome to the month of February, the month of love and Mardi Gra. As you wrap up competitions for regions and start preparing for the State Leadership Conference in March, you will need to start wrapping up………..  Chapter of the Year! With the deadline being a few days away, your local chapter should be finalizing the final papers for submission. Last month, I talked about how you can earn points by participating in state and national projects. This month, I am going to help you maintain your points and not lose any points.

Lets’ go back to the chapter planning guide and look at the Chapter of the Year entry form. First, go to the Penalty Points section. The first subsection is Membership Threshold. For Bronze & Silver Chapters, if your local membership is below 50 members, 1 point will be subtracted for each member below that mark. For Gold Chapters, if your local membership is below 100 members, 1 point will be subtracted for each member below that mark. The next subsection is Conference Attendance, For Gold chapters, 10 points will be subtracted  for each conference (SLOTS, Rally, FLC, or RLC) in which members did not attend or if a chapter adviser did not attend a FALCON conference. The last subsection is Business Achievement Award Threshold. For Bronze & Silver Chapters, your local chapter must meet the 25 point range in the Business Achievement Awards section, 1 point will be subtracted for every point short. For Gold Chapters, your local chapter must meet the 50 point range in the Business Achievement Awards section, 1 point will be subtracted for every point short.

This is will be the last Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month article for this school year. I want to personally thank everyone that read my articles monthly to receive some information about how they can be the best local chapter in the state. I hope to see more chapters then ever receive Chapter of the Year statues in March. Remember that submissions are due on February 20th .If you have any questions about Chapter of the Year, you can email the state adviser Monty Rhodes at: monty@georgiafbla.org.