FUNdraising Activity of the Month!

An emerging past time for the enjoyment of all ages is coloring pages. The fundraising idea incorporates the fun, stress-relieving aspects of coloring pages and integrates all that with an opportunity for your local-chapter to fundraise to cover expenses inquired throughout the year.

Your chapter has great flexibility with this fundraising idea; however, the core of it is primarily static, such elements include: (i.) creating from scratch or reusing accessible ones cleared for modification, re-use, and sale, (ii.) printing off the coloring pages and sorting them based on price assessed through difficultly or intricacy of the activity (deemed as such from estimated time necessary for completion), (iii.) selling the pages in order to generate funds for the chapter.

Some conditions that must be met prior to setting up shop and fundraising therein, include: (i.) obtain permission to fundraise out of school (check with CTAE department head), (ii.) receive permission to use resources provided by the school or perhaps use paper and printer separate from the school, (iii.) [lastly,] have the ability to sell the coloring pages; for instance, as a member of your school you know what works best for your school as such the approach for fundraising might differentiate slightly from other school. To further act on this, this proposal embodies the core factors that would go into this fundraiser in order to achieve uniformity across all schools yet some fundraising ideas are not suites to various school types. Be prepared to plan accordingly and perhaps altogether switch fundraising strategies, approaches, or even ideas entirely. If you don’t succeed the first time, try — try again.

Overall, I hope your chapter is able to prosper this school year and I look forward to seeing this idea come to live within each-and-every one of your schools. Best of luck fundraising!

FUNdraiser Activity of the Month!

Gloomy overhead, weary students, and a lack of motivation, these are all characteristics of the typical early school morning; however, just as all hope seemed to be lost, is it a soft-drink? Is it a tea? No, it’s coffee! Smell that? That’s the brewing of a good idea — the brewing of coffee in the early morning.

The fundraiser idea of the month is nothing short of a miracle for both the FBLA chapter for funding, and the students at your local high school. The fundraiser idea of the month involves local FBLA chapters establishing a school wide accessible coffee stand in which FBLA members would setup, brew, and sell coffee to the students at their school. The idea is very straightforward, however, there are numerous outlets of funding to explore in order to generate the most satisfaction for prospective coffee loving students and to maximize funds for the FBLA chapter. The process of going about making this dream a dream-come-true is outlined below into two segments: the superficial — phase I — setup, and then capitalizing on the underlying potentials — phase II — in order to maximize efficiency of the coffee stand.

The initially thoughts that need to go into setting up the coffee stand involve: how much startup capital does our capital need? How much should we initially invest into the idea before we see a turn-around? Where do we setup a base of operations to store, brew, and sell the coffee? Are we going to carry a single coffee based product or offer a selection; do we only sell what’s easiest to make in the mornings? Some of the questions prompted after establishing the stand include: how much should we charge for each product? How does our local chapter decide who should be in charge of storing the coffee beans/products, ordering more materials or supplies as needed, brew the coffee product itself, and who is going to sell the product? What I propose, in addition to the coffee stand, is to maintain a signup record for who will be volunteering to operate the stand at certain times or during certain days. A way to encourage members to become active in this aspect is to advertise these responsibilities as an easy outlet for volunteer hours, the potential to gain valuable experience working a cash register, and learning how a small scale “business” operates on a day-to-day basis in order to satisfy consumers and, all while, make a profit. What I encourage you to do, is to only open the coffee stand on designated days (definitely Mondays at the very least) in order to generate a sense of exclusiveness to the product being available to the students and the act of this also lessens the stress of figuring out who will be working the stand every day. Some feedback that I have received in the past with this idea has centered around the location of the coffee stand in which should be centrally located and/or easily accessed; for instance, for stand should be located outside the cafeteria, directly in the FBLA chapter’s business classroom, in front of the school’s main entrance — or right when you walk in, or any other place easily accessible with prior permission to “set up shop.”

The sheer possibilities with this ongoing fundraiser idea are truly limitless. Soon you can be the reason why students are energetic and ready to learn on Mondays all while being the cause of bringing in funds for your local chapter!

Fundraising Activity of the Month

The fundraising activity for this month is the ULTIMATE Duct Tape Fundraiser. Haven’t heard of the ULTIMATE Duct Tape Fundraiser? It may just be one of the most unique, but definitely one of the most memorable fundraisers out there. It is simply duct-taping an administrator, faculty member, or principal to a wall with different duct tape strips and the chapter charges $1 per tape strip. This one may take a little more convincing, planning, and care than the others, but we promise you it is well worth it. Make sure to do some research online and find out if this fundraiser is acceptable for your chapter first, before you get the ball rolling. Here is how to get it started.

1. Supplies!
You will need lots of duct tape, try getting some in different colors for a little extra icing on the cake. Also, scissors, a stool for your faculty member to sit/stand on, and this is not considered a supply, but tons of volunteers for safety and organizational purposes.
2. Duct Tape Volunteer
It is important to pick someone that the student body will know. This will encourage more students and teachers to participate in the fundraiser. Make sure the volunteer is aware of their full involvement in the fundraiser and allow them time to mark down the date so they can make sure they are free that day or if they need to rearrange their schedule.
3. Details
This is our last fundraising activity article for this year so you know the important details by now, but if not find out when, where, how to promote, and make sure to ask the administration for permission first. Set important safety guidelines for volunteers and students as well. Lastly, make sure to have adult supervisors watch over the fundraiser to make sure it is safe for the students and volunteers.
4. Promote, Promote, Promote!
Make fun flyers and funny promo videos to promote the fundraiser! It is definitely a memorable experience so make sure to catch every memory that you can!

Good luck if this is the next fundraiser you choose! We hope you have fun and create some awesome memories. We hope to see you at the State Leadership Conference!

Fundraising Activity of the Month: Used Book Sale

It can be hard to find new ways to fundraise and with the way, the months are flying by and NLC in Anaheim, California will be here before we know it! A unique way to raise money this month is a used book sale. Collect used books from neighbors, friends, family, and sell these books to students or a local used book store. It may not seem like much, but you’d be surprised to find how many books people do not need anymore and are willing to give away. Here are some steps to get your used book sale started.
1. Collections
Contact friends, family, or even go door-to-door to ask for used books that people are not interested in anymore. You can even find some in your own home!
2. Decide Details
As usual, the details are the most important. Decide the price for the used books, location for the used book sale, when it will take place, etc. If this is taken place at school, make sure to get permission from your administration and to have a teacher or faculty member overlook the book sale while it is being held.
3. Promote, promote, promote!
Make colorful flyers with the information needed and spread the word to the community about the book sale for maximum exposure!

If you decide to do this used book sale, good luck and have fun. We wish you a Happy New Year and we hope 2017 is your Time to Shine!

Fundraising Activity of the Month

If your chapter did not participate in the Chick-fil-A calendar fundraising event, have no fear! Hot chocolate yumminess is here! This may seem small, but a large cup of hot chocolate in the morning could help raise money for your FBLA chapter with just a few simple steps!

1. Get Permission From Administration
Sometimes there are rules set in place when it comes to selling food or beverages other than what is supplied in the cafeteria, so make sure to get permission before you plan the next steps.

2. Gather the Supplies
The most important thing to pick up from the store is hot chocolate mix, but there are obviously a few more essentials in the mix. For example: hot water, storage for the hot chocolate, napkins, cups, lids, marshmallows, whip cream, you can even offer candy canes and cinnamon for an extra kick to their hot coco. Set up a fun and festive station located in a popular spot in your school for extra publicizing!

3. Promote, promote, promote!
As usual, promote through the announcements or school news, flyers in classrooms, word-of-mouth, or even spreading the news on social media accounts of fellow FBLA members.

If you decide to sell delicious hot chocolate for your chapter’s next fundraiser, we hope you have a blast and make lots of memories. Happy Holidays!