Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (Leader Activity 5)

“Help your chapter organize and conduct an environmental service project, i.e., litter clean-up, donate energy efficient light bulbs to senior citizens, celebrate Earth Day, volunteer to help teachers ‘clear the clutter’ and clean up their classrooms, sponsor a coloring contest (using an environmental picture) for elementary students after presenting a skit or presentation about the environment, etc.

This is a great activity for you and your chapter because it has so many benefits. Not only are you helping to create a better atmosphere for your school and community, but you can count these service hours towards the Community Service Awards, and you are helping to promote FBLA through community involvement and servant leadership. This activity also spreads awareness about the environment and what citizens can do to improve it.

Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (Business Activity 17)

“Prepare an agenda for two (2) chapter meetings.”

This activity enhances the idea of organization in your local chapter meetings. Whether or not you are a local chapter officer, this will create more orderly meetings and activities as a whole for your chapter. You could even put various members on a rotation for agenda-writing so that you can all work towards the Business Level of your BAAs together. Also keep in mind that agendas can be submitted for chapter challenges such as Super Sweeps. Not only will this allow your meetings stay on task and allow your chapter to earn recognition, but it can also serve as a template so that you can mentor upcoming members for the coming years.

Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (America Activity 17)

“Research virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and holographic entertainment worlds. Discuss how this technology will reshape economics and marketing and how FBLA can use some of this information in a two-three page report.”

Technology is the future, and by completing this BAA activity, you can be one step ahead in the technological world. These new innovations are not only going to shape the business world, but they are also going to shape the regular world around us. From video games, to marketing projects, this technology is sure to make waves in the economic scene. By completing research, you can ensure that you know how technology will impact your future work place.

Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (Future Activity 5)

“Participate in a promotional or fundraising project for the March of Dimes.”

This activity is a great way to allow your school to participate in a project with FBLA’s national service partner, the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes is an organization designed to research and treat premature births. There are multiple ways to host these types of events. On the fundraising side, you can host a competition between classes over the collection of funds for the March of Dimes. You can also host a March for Babies as a promotional event. By contacting the March of Dimes, you can request merchandise and informational booklets to be distributed or purchased at the march.

Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (Future Activity 20)

“Invite a business leader to speak at a meeting. Write a letter inviting this businessperson to your meeting.”

Business leaders are members of your community with an extreme amount of knowledge and experience in the world of business, and they serve as examples of prospering role models for the business world. Whether it’s the owner of a small store or the CEO of a major corporation, all business leaders exhibit the values of FBLA. Having such an influence at a local chapter meeting can serve as a role model to your members, an inspiration for some to join, and connections for your membership. Business leaders may be willing to partner with your chapter and offer membership incentives at their shop. However, do not be disappointed if the business leader does not make a financial partnership with you. Regardless of the activities after the meeting, your willingness to reach out to a business leader through a letter will make you valuable connections and show you how to communicate with leaders in your community.