Membership Recruitment Idea-December

The first semester is almost over, but that does not mean that your membership recruitment efforts should stop. There are still many opportunities for your chapters to increase their memberships as we get ready for the second half of the school year.

One effortless way to recruit members for the coming year is to increase your public presence in your school. By increasing your presence you can make the other members of your school more aware of FBLA’s existence and what we do as an organization. This can attract many new members as well as opportunities for your chapter.

Here are some ways to increase your chapter’s presence in your school:

  1. Posters and Flyers: This is the prototypical way of increasing presence, and there is a reason that it continues to be one of the most used ways to advertise. It is relatively effortless to execute as you can utilize the posters your chapter received from Georgia FBLA in conjunction with simple graphics about recent developments in your local chapter.
  2. Announcements: By having your chapter’s upcoming events announced on your school’s method of communication whether that be through morning announcements, local newspaper, or any other way of reaching the members of the school, you can keep your current members attentive and updated while bringing the actions of FBLA to the attention of non-members in your school.
  3. Social Media: Another easy way to increase your chapter’s presence is by using social media. By posting information about your chapter’s recent activities, you can keep members up-to-date while reaching other possible members.

Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month-October

As the first golden leaves of fall hit the ground, it is a golden time for you and your chapter to recruit more members. October is the perfect opportunity to host social events for your membership that can encourage new members to attend while keeping old members attentive and active. Here is a list of events that you can host in October to give the extra boost to your membership:

  • Halloween Social/Party: Nothing beats the traditional Halloween social. It’s a fun event that will help attract new members while helping them get to know the other members of your chapter. Having members donate candy and other snacks lightens the load on the chapter budget, and you can have members help with the decoration and setup. This is a perfect and easy afterschool activity that promises fun and new members.
  • Haunted House: Nothing brings members together like a trip to a local haunted house. Organize the trip and encourage members to bring their friends. As they get know each other through the trip, they will be more inclined to join your FBLA chapter. If visiting the haunted house trip isn’t enough, you can even work with your chapter to create your own haunted house and give discounts to members which would entice more people to join to get the discount.




Since it is now second semester you can begin your second wave of recruiting! Most schools have a “Rising 9th Graders Night” where eighth graders come to the feeder high school to meet teachers and administrators. This is a wonderful opportunity to set up a table to recruit members for next school year. Give out brochures, competition information, and even some candy! This will make sure you have new members for next year and start off 2017 with a BANG!


A great way to recruit new members is to distribute copies of the Tomorrow’s Business Leader® Magazine to students in your school’s business courses. This will help students learn more about what FBLA is and the programs we offer for members. This will also give them a great insight into the awesome leadership conferences held, the different projects we have, and even the recognition opportunities in FBLA! Start today by handing out the Winter Issue of Tomorrow’s Business Leader®!

Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month #5

Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month

So… maybe your membership just isn’t where it used to be? Or maybe your chapter is trying to raise membership to be the largest CTSO your school has to offer. Possibly you are trying to raise membership to earn more chapter of the year points. Whatever the reason is, you came to the right place. This is the Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month.


            Every year at my school we host a Prom Fashion Show. We do this for many different reasons but the main two are to raise membership and to fundraise. A lot of people join and end up getting involved in FBLA just because they wanted to be a part of the Prom Fashion Show.

            To host a successful Prom Fashion Show, you will need your community’s support. First, ask your administrator if it will be okay to host the show during school hours. If the show is hosted during school hours, more students will pay to attend just to get out of class. The more students that attend, the more money your chapter can raise and the more active the crowd will be.

            After you gain the support of your administrators, you will need to contact local dress and tuxedo stores. When you call, simply ask them if they would like to sponsor your school’s prom fashion show. Let them know that if they will allow models to wear their dresses, you will advertise their stores for all of your school to see. This benefits both your chapter and the store so it is a win-win deal.

            When you have the dress and tuxedo stores offering their help, it is time to find hair and makeup stylists to donate their time. Similar to asking the local stores for their support, just ask if the stylists can come in the day of the show to do hair and makeup and you will in return advertise their services to your entire school during the show.

            To make the Prom Fashion Show a success, you will need models. The models are your members! Have a sign up sheet available either at your chapter meeting or in your class room to let the members know it is time to sign up. Be sure to hang posters and put it on the announcements as well so nonmembers will hear about it and be motivated to join so they can participate in the show! Also, you will need at least one MC, although personally I would recommend having two (one boy and one girl). These MC’s should be enthusiastic, well-known leaders in your school. This helps to spread the word (and excitement) of the Prom Fashion Show.

            After the models have signed up, contact the supporting shops again and ask them how many dresses they are willing to sponsor. Then, assign a number of models to each store to get their dresses and tuxes for the show. If a model has an old dress she would like to sell, she can even model her own dress in the show!

            It’s always a good idea to decorate the location of the show (the gym, auditorium, wherever you decide to have it) with balloons and flowers and anything else you can find to fit the theme. It’s always a great idea to have a slideshow playing with pictures of all the fun you can have being a member of FBLA and with business ads from the supporting stores and stylists.


This is the Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month! Be sure to check back next month to see other ways to grow your chapter.