Chapter Membership Awards

It may be second semester, but membership recruitment should not stop! Always keep recruiting, your chapter might be eligible for a Membership Award!

Chapters can win numerous different awards:

  • Market Share Award – Recognizes chapters at schools where a high percentage of the student body joins FBLA.
  • Connect Ten – Recognizes local chapters that increase membership by ten or more members over last year’s number.
  • Membership Achievement Award – Recognizes chapters that increase membership over last year’s total.
  • 100% Class Participation Award – Recognizes advisers who recruit all students in a single class to become FBLA members.
  • 100% Membership Excellence Awards – Recognizes advisers who recruit all students in all of their classes during the entire year to join FBLA.

Membership criteria for these awards are based on the April 1 deadline, but dues payments must be received by March 1.

What Is Triple Trifecta?

Get involved with our awesome state initiative, Triple Trifecta!

It focuses on three aspects: recruiting members, community service, and developing leaders in hopes of encouraging members to stay active and motivated throughout the year. Each one is called a “Trifecta”, and each has three tiers.

For each Trifecta your chapter completes, members will receive an additional ribbon at the State Leadership Conference. If your chapter completes all three Trifectas, you will be recognized on stage at SLC and will receive a plaque to award your awesome achievement!

Membership Trifecta Requirements:

  1. An adviser must reach 100% class participation in FBLA for 1 class.
  2. Chapter membership must increase by 20% OR 20 members (whichever is reached first).
  3. 5 members must complete Membership Madness.

Service Trifecta Requirements:

  1. 20% of members OR 20 members must complete “Community” level of the Community Service Achievement program (CSA).
  2. Chapter must participate in 5 service projects for the school.
  3. Chapter must participate in 5 service projects for the community.

Leadership Trifecta Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 5 members representing a chapter must attend Rally, FLC, RLC, and register for SLC.
  2. 50 members or 20% of membership must compete (RLC and SLC competitive event registrations will be totaled).
  3. 20% of members OR 20 members must complete the “Future” level of the Business Achievement Awards (BAA).

The Triple Trifecta program presents an amazing opportunity to grow your chapter, get members active with FBLA’s various programs and events, and earn rewards for your chapter at SLC!

Membership Recruitment Idea #1

So… maybe your membership just is not where it used to be? Or possibly you are trying to raise membership to win chapter of the year? Whatever the reason is, you need to host a membership rush week.

Here are some tips to have a successful Rush Week:

  1. Do not host rush week the first or second week of school because your members may be too busy with other things, and also, many of the new students may not have been exposed to the high school environment just yet. The ideal time to host a rush week would be the last week in August or in September. It is the perfect time. Students will have settled in, and they will be less overwhelmed.
  2. To successfully pull off Rush Week, you definitely need to advertise and get the word out to the school about what your chapter is doing. Hang posters, put it on announcements, and take advantage of social media to raise awareness for this week and get more clout!
  3. MAKE CATCHY SLOGANS! (e.g. Tropical Tuesday, Frozen Friday, etc.) Live up to the slogan’s name. For example, on Tropical Tuesday, offer students a tropical themed treat if they join FBLA. This could be Tropical Starbursts or tropical drinks with an umbrella parasol. Just have anything tropical themed. You could also have members dress up according to the theme of the day.

If you follow these three simple steps, your chapter’s FBLA Membership Rush Week is sure to be a success!

How to Get Membership Awards

For over 15 years, Georgia FBLA has taken the top spot for the largest state chapter worldwide! Thanks to your efforts in membership recruitment, we will continue to be the largest and most involved chapter of FBLA.

Whether you are a new chapter or one with an established reputation at your school, membership recruitment is one of the most daunting tasks of your year. You’ve planned your marketing strategies, sent out your team, and succeeded in reaching your membership goals! Now it’s time to be recognized. With membership awards, you can be recognized at the state level for your success. There are two types of membership awards: chapter and member.

Members can earn:

  • Membership Madness– recruit 5 new members
  • Membership Mania– recruit 10 new members
  • Body Snatchers (ML)– recruit 2 new members
  • Body Snatchers II (ML)– recruit 10 new members

Chapters can earn:

  • Membership Trifecta (NEW)– A combination of three achievements: 100% Class Participation; Membership increase of 20% or 20 members (whichever is achieved first); 5 members complete membership madness
  • 100% Class Participation Award – Recognizes advisers who recruit all students in a single class to become FBLA members.
  • 100% Membership Excellence Awards – Recognizes advisers who recruit all students in all of their classes during the entire year to join FBLA.
  • Market Share Award – Recognizes chapters at schools where a high percentage of a student body joins FBLA.
  • Membership Achievement Award – Recognizes chapters that maintain or increase membership.
  • Local Recruitment of Chapters – Recognizes chapters that charter or reactivate FBLA and ML chapters.
  • Started from the Bottom Campaign – Recognizes our small chapters (less than 20 members in previous year) who increase their membership by at least 10 members.

Good luck with your goals and recruitment efforts! We can’t wait to see your chapter on stage at SLC!

Membership Recruitment Idea-February

The Chapter of the Year submission deadline is fast approaching. Now is the time to top off your membership and earn those last few points for membership recruitment. Here are some ways to help you end the year strong:

FBLA Week: FBLA week is the second week of February and an excellent opportunity for your chapter to recruit members. By having a unique event every day of the week, you should be able to attract more members to your chapter. Some sample activities that you can do for recruitment through out the week is suggested in the link below:

End of the Year Social: The name says it all. A social is a great way to encourage current members to return to membership next year, celebrate members who are moving on to the State Leadership Conference, and even attract more members to join your chapter. Make it fun and have members invite friends to bring along with them.

Encourage Members to Pay: The membership registration deadline is only 2 months away. If you currently have any members that have not payed yet, it is now a great time to put pressure on them to pay their dues. If they are not paid members by April, then they are not considered registered members for your chapter for this year.