Middle Level Competitive Events

This year, Middle Level FBLA members will have more opportunities than ever before to compete in several different competitive events! Below are the six competitive events available to Middle Level members:

  • Business Math & Financial Literacy: Put your math and business skills to the test with this event.
  • Career Exploration: Take a test to measure your knowledge of career pathways and job searching.
  • Community Service Project: Describe one community service project that your chapter has planned and implemented during the year.
  • Elevator Speech: Present an elevator speech to a State Senator about how FBLA-Middle Level helps students develop leadership skills and why it is important to have this organization in middle schools.
  • Introduction to Computer Science & Coding: Test your knowledge of the basic principles of coding and computational systems.
  • Multimedia & Website Development: Design, build, and launch a website that features the competitor’s ability to incorporate the elements of website design, graphic layout, and proper coding techniques.

We hope you are as excited as we are to have more opportunities to build bridges to success in order to elevate your future!

For more information about these competitive events, visit http://www.fbla-pbl.org/middle-level/competitive-events/.

Connecting the Bricks: Middle Level FLC

As middle level FBLA leaders, you want an event that you are able to learn more about leadership skills and be able to network with other middle level FBLA leaders. If that’s the case, the 2017 Middle Level Fall Leadership Conference is the experience for you. At Middle Level FLC, you are able to connect the bricks that makes a great leader and you will be able to stack the dominos of leadership that you can bring back to your local chapter. Middle Level FLC will be held on November 15th at the elegant Classic Center in Athens.

When you walk into the exciting Opening Session on November 15th, you can expect to get overwhelmed by all the enthusiasm around you. At this conference you can sharpen your leadership skills! FLC has remarkable and informative speakers who give you pointers and tips on how to become a better leader! Each workshop will offer a lesson in a different leadership skill. Middle Level FLC is a great place to network and meet new people! You can take advantage of the fact that you are in a room full of other FBLA officers who have unique ideas for chapter activities that they are willing to share with you. Also, you will be able to meet peers from all over the state of Georgia who all have a passion similar to yours: FBLA!

The registration fee for this conference is $40. This fee covers access to myriad amounts of leadership training, a delicious Chick-Fil-A lunch with your state officers, an excitement-filled MONOPOLY® Tournament, and a Georgia FBLA souvenir t-shirt that will make your FLC an unforgettable experience. The conference will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end promptly at 4:00 p.m. The registration deadline is October 6th, so contact your adviser today to get registered. The 2017 Middle Level Fall Leadership Conference is when you can place your cornerstone to be an amazing leader and I want you to be a part of it!

Washington Wilkes Middle FBLA Member Attends State Officer Training Camp 2016

WWMS FBLA Student attended State Leadership camp

Emily E., WWMS FBLA President, attended state officer camp July 15-16, 2016 in Fort Valley, Georgia. Emily is the local chapter president and as of spring last year is also the state FBLA secretary at the middle level. The process was long and trying, but Emily is resilient and worked very hard to make it to the state office level. We are very proud of the leader she is and is growing to be. Emily worked very hard at camp working with the other state officers at the middle school and high school level. The groups worked on several activities and she learned so much about team building and organization. Additionally, Emily began practicing for the various tasks that she could be asked to take on at the various conferences throughout the year.state-officer-camp-6a

Middle Level SLC Preview

Middle Level members unite, the Middle Level State Leadership Conference is just around the corner! The ML State Leadership Conference is an opportunity for middle school students to compete in our statewide competitive events program. Here are some things you can get excited about:


  • Network with students in grades 5-8 from all around the state!
  • Compete in over 34 events and win big. The top two winners in each national ML competitive event will be recognized by the national office!
  • Learn in informative workshops led by only Georgia’s best trainers and state officers.

2017 ML SLC Fees & Dates

  • When & Where: February 28; Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry
  • Registration Fee: $45 (includes lunch); $35 (non-attendee)
  • Late Fee: $60 (Feb. 1-7)
  • Dues Eligibility Deadline: January 15
  • Skills Entry Form Deadline (online): January 31
  • Registration/Competitive Event Submission Deadline: January 31 (must be received by February 3)
  • Late/Substitutions/Changes/Cancellations Deadline: February 7
  • State Officer Candidate Application RECEIPT Deadline: January 27
  • Chapter of the Year and Chapter Scrapbook RECEIPT Deadline: February 7
  • SKILLS & ONLINE Testing: February 9-14
  • Payment RECEIPT Deadline: February 10
  • Skills Testing RECEIPT Deadline: February 14


November is National Prematurity Awareness Month. This is a time to raise awareness for premature births and support for our national service partner – the March of Dimes. One of the best ways you can raise awareness is in your local FBLA chapter. Share with other Middle Level members the importance of preventing premature births.
You can also check off a MAP – Business Level Activity (Community Service Activity Number 2) by creating a flyer about the March of Dimes to hand out at a local chapter meeting to create support and awareness.