Membership Awards

Georgia FBLA has for the past 14 years in a row claimed the title of the Largest State Chapter in the Nation. It is all because of the recruitment efforts of the members, advisers, and chapters. Here are all the award and recognition opportunities you can receive for recruiting members to join FBLA!

Members can win the Membership Madness Award by recruiting 5 members and the Membership Mania Award by recruiting 10 members. Members can also become a Master Recruiter by recruiting at least 15 new members by November 1 and will win special privileges and opportunities at the Fall Leadership Conference.

Middle Level members receive the Body Snatchers I by recruiting 2 members or Body Snatchers II by recruiting 10 members.


Chapters can win a variety of different awards:

  • Market Share Award – Recognizes chapters at schools where a high percentage of a student body joins FBLA.
  • Membership Ladder (NEW) – Recognizes chapters that increase their membership over last year’s totals (must have had an active chapter in 2015-2016 to qualify).
  • Membership Achievement Award – Recognizes chapters that maintain or increase membership.
  • Chapter Checkpoint – Chapters that exceed last year’s final membership number by November 1 will receive a special membership ribbon at FLC.
  • 100% Class Participation Award – Recognizes advisers who recruit all students in a single class to become FBLA members.
  • Membership Multiplier – Recognizes chapters that charter/reactivate by October 1.


  • 100% Membership Excellence Awards – Recognizes advisers who recruit all students in all of their classes during the entire year to join FBLA.
  • 20 and 15 Campaign – Chapters that increase their membership by 15 members or 20% (minimum increase of 10 members) by March 1 will be recognized with a special membership ribbon at SLC.  Chapters must have been active during 2015-2016 to qualify.
  • Local Recruitment of Chapters – Recognizes chapters that charter or reactivate FBLA and ML chapters.
  • All Star Chapter Challenge Campaign – Recognizes chapters that have at least 100 members, increase their membership by at least 15 members, and, recruit at least 10 Professional Division members.
  • Started from the Bottom Campaign – Recognizes our small chapters (less than 20 members in previous year) who increase their membership by at least 10 members.


We wish you the best of luck in your recruitment efforts!


NLC Awards Review

The National Leadership Conference (NLC) was a huge success for our state chapter and members. Georgia FBLA had over 400 members representing our state at the 2016 National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA. Georgia FBLA congratulates everyone who attended NLC and the 108 members that collected a total of 66 national awards and 2 open events awards which included 9 first places!

Here are the award recipients and finalists from the 2016 National Leadership Conference:


  • Melody Golden, Business Communication
  • Alyson Nelson, Computer Applications
  • Suraj Massand, Desktop Application Programming
  • Torus Lu, Economics
  • Nivedha Soundappan & Sasha Lee, Emerging Business Issues
  • Miles Clark, Help Desk
  • Evan Zhang, Introduction to Financial Math
  • Anish Bikmal, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
  • Elizabeth Lambert, Microsoft Office Specialist – Word
  • Elizabeth Howell, Parliamentary Procedure Concepts Open Event
  • Sri Bhat, Computer Operating Systems Open Event


  • Zachary Wilson, Computer Applications
  • Austin Farr & Brett Krokoff, Computer Game & Simulation Programming
  • Ohad Rau, Desktop Application Programming
  • Jennifer Nguyen, Economics
  • Avanthika Ramesh, Electronic Career Portfolio
  • Nisha Kashyap & Caitlin Costello, Global Business
  • Suchita Kumar, Introduction to Business Procedures
  • Sara Beth Hobbs, Word Processing


  • Jed Henderson, Agribusiness
  • Katherine Nelson, Desktop Application Programming
  • Mason Lawing & Shelby Howard, Digital Video Production
  • Cecilia Gonzalez & Christopher Sun, Graphic Design
  • Kyongyun Chung, Introduction to Business Procedures
  • Jarett Jacobs, Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel
  • Sierra Jackson, Microsoft Office Specialist – Word
  • Barnett Buchanan, Sales Presentation
  • Grace Pavan, Spreadsheet Applications
  • Bill Loudermilk, Word Processing


  • Jonathan Weaver, Agribusiness
  • Kailee Rawls, Kayla Stutson, & Maya Edwards, Business Ethics
  • Alicia Gomillia, Jessica Phelps, & Dynastee Overton, Business Financial Plan
  • Kalei Hicks, Computer Applications
  • Marion Rose Young & Steven Tran, Digital Video Production
  • Michael Kozlowski, Introduction to Financial Math
  • Sai Kilaru & Sayuj Shajith, Management Information Systems
  • Kailee Rawls, Kayla Stutson, & Maya Edwards, Partnership with Business Project
  • Anderson Duong & Jack Finnegan, Virtual Business Challenge


  • Shala Humphrey, Sierra Jackson, & Dynastee Overton, American Enterprise Project
  • Hailee Sontag & Matthew McDaniel, Business Plan
  • Isaac Bivins, Computer Problem Solving
  • Alice Tang, Elaine Chan, & Kristin Graves, Hospitality Management
  • Rishabh Ghora & Sai Maddali, Mobile Application Development


  • Johnathan Rudovich & Kaden Campbell, Banking & Financial Systems
  • Lauren Nohl, Client Service
  • Jajuan Jackson, Jessica Lyons, & Laura Phan, Stockbridge High School
  • Jalen Granski, Database Design & Applications
  • Kalyani Ballur, Insurance & Risk Management
  • Jenny Kong, Sravya Koya, & Tombalina Pham, Social Media Campaign


  • Louise Zhuang, Business Communication
  • Nishant Reddy, Future Business Leader
  • Angela Yu, Introduction to Business Procedures
  • Brian Hu, Geneva Oke, & Shelley Ling, Marketing


  • Esha Shah, Sarah Alexander, and Surya Akella, Emerging Business Issues
  • Pratima Bajaj, Job Interview
  • Dane Bush, Robert Sabow, & Kurt Knaut, Network Design


  • Shayan Merchant, Michael George, & Rohan Rege, Banking & Financial Systems
  • Morgan Taje, Sophie Frostbaum, & Tanaka Chipere-Chitiyo, Business Plan
  • Josh Seides & Rohan Bagga, Community Service Project
  • Gururaj Deshpande, Desktop Application Programming
  • Andrew Freeman, Future Business Leader
  • Benjamin Dugger & Srikar Thammishetti, Sports & Entertainment Management


  • Matthew Rainey & Paris Mitchell, 3-D Animation
  • Daniel Batterman, Business Law
  • Jackson Taylor, Database Design & Applications
  • Sri Bhat, Economics
  • Andrew Fu, Dhakshi Balakumar, & Haiwen Gui, Entrepreneurship
  • Gloria Chan & Muscan Raghuwanshi, Social Media Campaign


  • Georgia FBLA, Largest State Chapter Membership
  • Georgia FBLA, Largest Increase in State Chapter Membership
  • Georgia FBLA, Largest State Chapter Membership – Professional Division


  • Derek Walls, Businessperson of the Year
  • Sheri Smith, Outstanding Local Adviser
  • Kenny Zhou, Who’s Who in FBLA


  • Michael Leeder, Client Service
  • Tara Cooper, E-business
  • Kenny Zhou, Future Business Leader
  • Divyesh Gutta, Kayvon Dibai, & Siddhartha Vemuri, Global Business
  • Chandler Kelley, Graphic Design
  • Jolie Liu & Pallavi Ganesan, Hospitality Management
  • Dheeraj Eidnani, Dylan Yarbrough, & Joshua Ojo-Osajie, Management Decision Making
  • Quincey Wilson & Jordan Robinson, Management Decision Making
  • Angelica Wagner, Brandon Kang, & Macy McKinley, Marketing
  • Alec Zhan & Ram Bukkarayasamudram, Mobile Application Development
  • Noah Wright, Tiana Johnson, Himani Patel, Brandon Byrd, & Omkar Waingankar, Parliamentary Procedure
  • Adam Penland, Public Speaking
  • Tyler Hamby & Marley Hamby, Publication Design
  • Zion Young & Stephanie Martin, Sports & Entertainment Management

Congratulations to all of our outstanding National competitors! You did a phenomenal job in Atlanta representing Georgia FBLA. We cannot wait to see what Nationals will hold in Anaheim next summer!

ECI Attends Nationals

ECI FBLA member, Autumn Jordan, and club adviser, Jessica Smith, attended the FBLA National Leadership Conference June 28-July 2 in Atlanta, GA. The chapter won awards and participated in numerous events which made National Leadership Conference a very enjoyable and successful experience.

During the conference, Jordan participated in the competition of Public Speaking II. She did an outstanding job representing Emanuel County Institute.   The chapter was awarded the Hollis and Kitty Guy Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit.  This most prestigious award recognizes outstanding local chapters that have actively participated in projects and programs identified with the goals of FBLA

While in Atlanta, Jordan and her adviser enjoyed various activities including a visit to Stone Mountain to view the laser show, a Braves ballgame that ended in fireworks, and The World of Coca Cola.

HOCO Student Wins at 2015 NLC

More than 8,500 of America’s best and brightest high school students traveled to the Windy City to Step Up to the Challenge as they showcased their talents as future business leaders and vied for the opportunity to win more than $175,000 in cash awards.

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL), held its FBLA National Leadership Conference in Chicago on June 29th to July 2nd. Participants from across the United States attended this exciting conference to enhance their business skills, expand their networks, and participate in more than 55 business and business-related competitive events.

Opening ceremonies were held at the McCormick Place Convention Center. John Beede was the motivational speaker at the ceremonies and delivered an exhilarating beginning for the conference. During the conference members of the Houston County High School FBLA chapter, Michael and Patrick prepared for testing while State Adviser; Mrs. Sheila Jones and Georgia State Secretary; Nivedha Soundappan attended training and meetings for most of the day.

Michael competed in Introduction to Information Technology, Block competed in Computer Problem Solving and Nivedha competed as a member of the Global Business team. During the conference, Jose’ Espinel from Georgia was elected the National President for FBLA.

There were over 300 competitors with over 70 winners from Georgia! Michael from Houston County High received national recognition at the FBLA Awards of Excellence Program on July 2 earning 8th place in Introduction to Information Technology. Congratulations to all the competitors from Houston County. Georgia FBLA is looking forward to the upcoming NLC in Atlanta the summer of 2016.

Houston County High School’s FBLA Advisers are: Ms. Sheila Carswell, Mrs. Jenny Jackson, Ms. Gina Jessup and Mrs. Karma Hayes. CTAE Supervisor is Mr. Wesley Martin. Principal of Houston County High School is Dr. Doug Rizer. Houston County High School is located at 920 Highway 96.

NLC Reflection

This summer, nearly 500 Georgia FBLA members and advisers embarked on a journey to Chicago, Illinois, for our 2015 National Leadership Conference. This journey did not begin overnight. Our phenomenal competitors began their journeys at our various Region Leadership Conferences, and persevered to our State Leadership Conference to battle hundreds of competitors. The battle was won, but there was a great war ahead. 321 of our brightest members had the strenuous tasks of representing Georgia FBLA at the largest, most competitive NLC ever held! I’m glad to announce that we brought home the largest number of national winners in the history of Georgia FBLA! A whopping 119 members achieved greatness this summer including 10 national champions.

Now, we must begin our journey to the 2016 National Leadership Conference, which will be held in our very own state! Atlanta, Georgia will be the next host of our annual National Leadership Conference. YOU have the opportunity to earn your spot in Atlanta!

Following the closing of the session at the Fall Motivational Rally, several booths will be placed in various spots throughout the arena. We highly encourage that everyone come to try the different test he or she may be interested in and would like to compete in. This will be one of few opportunities to experiment with several competitive events before the beginning of our Region Leadership Conferences.

High School Events • Accounting I/Accounting II • Agribusiness • Banking & Financial Systems • Business Law • Business Calculations/Introduction to Financial Math • Business Communication/Introduction to Business Communication • Introduction to Business Procedures/Introduction to Business • Computer Applications/Spreadsheet Applications/Word Processing • Computer Problem Solving/Help Desk • Database Design/Management Information Systems • Economics • Entrepreneurship/Management Decision Making • FBLA Principles & Procedures • Future Business Leader • Global Business • Healthcare Administration • Hospitality Management • Introduction to Information Technology • Marketing • Network Design/Networking Concepts/Cyber Security • Parliamentary Procedure/Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure • Personal Finance/Insurance & Risk Management/Securities & Investments • Sports & Entertainment Management

Middle Level-only Events • Business Computations • Business Concepts • Career Exploration • Computer Concepts/Internet Concepts/Social Media Concepts • FBLA Concepts • Introduction to Business Communication/Business Spelling • Marketing Concepts • Parliamentary Procedure Concepts • Personal Financial Concepts