Public Relations Activity of the Month: February

February is the month of FBLA-PBL Week and it’s the CTE month! This means that the public relations opportunities are endless. Share your FBLA story on social media to showcase how FBLA has helped shape you into the person you are today!

Visit your legislatures to discuss why they should continue to support FBLA and other Career and Technical Student Organizations! We hope to see you at CTSO Day at The Capitol! Make your presence known by sharing lots of pictures and tagging Georgia FBLA!

Public Relations Activity of the Month

As everyone settles into the school routine, chapters are beginning their events and activities.  It is always a good idea to involve your community and let them know about all the great things you’re doing within your chapter!  Try visiting a local business group or organization, like the Kiwanis Club, and provide information about FBLA.  Not only will you gain support from community members but you will also be able to earn Chapter of the Year points! 

Public Relations Activity of the Month (October)

Public relations does not always have to extend beyond your school: reaching out to school newsletters is often an excellent way to promote your local chapter’s accomplishments.

Many schools offer some form of a school newsletter. These are usually sent to students and their households via email. By contacting the coordinators of your school’s newsletter and offering an article about your chapter, you can showcase the benefits of FBLA to members and non-members alike. This can also work as a recruitment strategy, helping to raise awareness about your chapter and communicate FBLA’s numerous competitive events, service opportunities, and educational programs.

Public Relations Activity of the Month #1

One of the greatest memories I have with my local FBLA chapter is of a day when we were visited by FranklinCovey’s Chief Marketing Officer. I was able to interact with him directly, ask questions, and learn a little about how he managed to become successful in his career. For quite some time, we had entertained the idea of reaching out to a successful businessperson, but the action never materialized. When we did put in the effort to invite a speaker, it paid off in a spectacular fashion.

What we often don’t realize is how small of a distance we need to travel in order to run into an experienced businessperson. Take a look around your local area and identify a key industry: it could be manufacturing, agriculture, or retail. More often than not, representatives from companies in these sectors (and sometimes high-profile representatives) are more than happy to visit local schools to talk about their businesses. Most are only an email or two away from appearing at a chapter meeting.

I strongly recommend reaching out to a local business owner or representative and inviting him or her to speak at a local chapter meeting. I can attest to the fact that it paid off for me – if not through the knowledge I earned through the experience, then by the inspiration it gave me to be able to interact with someone whose success I hoped to someday emulate.

In addition, hosting a businessperson is a great way to drive new members to your meetings. Make it a habit, and FBLA is sure to stand out among other organizations at your school.