Applying for Region Office

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next nevel? If so, then applying for Georgia FBLA Region Office may be your next best step. In addition to serving as ambassadors for our state organization, region officers also contribute to various efforts within their own respective regions.

A focal point of the Region Officer experience is being able to attend the Region Officer Academy (ROA), which is held during the summer, to build leadership skills and make connections with other officers. After attending ROA and other conferences throughout the year, Region Officers are prepared to run their respective Region Leadership Conferences.

If applying for Region Office is something that you would like to do, please complete the Region Officer application, which is located in the Livebinder, by January 26, 2018. Make sure to review the attendance requirements that are expected of Region Officers before applying.

Good luck on your individual Georgia FBLA journeys!

Running for Region Office

Are you interested in taking your FBLA involvement to the next level?  Running to become a Region Officer is a great step.  As a Region Officer, you will have the opportunity to meet with other officers across the state at conferences and Region Officer Academy.  You will also have the responsibility of running your Region Leadership Conference.

Chapters may run one student for region office.  Applications, available on LiveBinder, must be completed by December 31, 2016.  Before applying, be sure to review the dates of conferences and events you will be required to attend as a Region Officer.  These can also be found on LiveBinder.

Take the next step in your FBLA career by applying for region office! Good luck!

Running for Region Office

Running for a Georgia FBLA Region Officer position can be the start to a thriving career in FBLA. Region officers not only serve their respective regions, they serve as ambassadors for our entire organization. While serving as a region officer you will develop skills pertaining to public speaking, networking, presenting workshops, proper dining etiquette, and so much more! Serving as a 2014 – 2015 region officer was one of the best times in my FBLA career. I met so many people who are still my very close friends today. As a region officer you will be required to attend ALL Georgia FBLA conferences and lead your Region Leadership Conference. You should also have the Future Level of the business achievement awards or higher completed before you submit your application. Applications will be submitted online this year. To access this application, ask your local chapter adviser to check the Georgia FBLA Livebinder.The final deadline to submit your region officer application December 4th! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity! I look forward to seeing our newly appointed region officers at the 2016 State Leadership Conference!