Getting Ready for RLC

Are you ready to build bridges to success at your Region Leadership Conference?

Check out these tips on how you can be more prepared to construct a bright future with competitive events!

  1. Start practicing and studying early!
  2. Be sure to look over the dress code to avoid deductions.
  3. Be on leader time (15 minutes early)!
  4. If your event requires materials to be submitted ahead of time, make sure to know the specific dates.
  5. Perform a workshop to build bridges to new connections.

We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish and how far your journey in Georgia FBLA takes you! Be sure to tag us in your RLC pictures and posts @georgiafbla !

Meeting Tip of the Month #5

For this month’s Meeting Tip of the Month, we begin recommending that meetings be turned into miniature workshops for those who are competing.

Most chapters tend to have an afterschool meeting, so why not turn that afternoon meeting into a chance for members to get a taste on what they might experience at RLC that is right around the corner. You can easily host a workshop in which more experienced members help new members with whatever competition they may be competing in this year. This will be a great way to prompt members to take initiative and help prepare for the upcoming competitions.

Not only will the members still get there daily knowledge of what’s going on in their local chapter, but they get the chance to Build their Bridge-way into success at RLC!

High School RLC Skills Testing

Do you want to show off your skills and earn recognition for it? Well if that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. FBLA hosts Skills Testing Events where members are able to show off their outstanding talents.

The events are as following:

  • Computer Applications
  • Database Design & Applications
  • Spreadsheet Applications
  • Word Processing

These events will take place at an RLC School-site through November 27- December 6.

Good luck to all who choose to compete!

What to expect from RLCs

Georgia FBLA Region Leadership Conferences (RLCs) are coming up, so get excited! At RLC you will have the opportunity to compete in your events, visit workshops, and attend the awards ceremony. The workshops and award ceremony will be hosted by your region officers; all this and dinner is included in your registration fees.  RLC is the perfect place to get involved with FBLA and to SHINE. Check out the Georgia FBLA website for more information about your RLC date, location, and deadlines. We look forward to seeing you at RLC!

2017 Region Leadership Conferences (RLC)

Explore Written Events and Skills Events

The skills events are Computer Applications, Database Design & Applications, Spreadsheet Applications and Word Processing. Skills events are a great way to test your computer skills and win awards at Region, State, and Nationals. The forms for the skills events are due on November 1, 2016 and the testing materials will be distributed on Thursday, November 17th at the Fall Leadership Conference.

Chapters can submit only one entry and participants must not have entered this event at a previous National Leadership Conference. Excluding Computer Applications, these events are one-hour long production tests and will be administered prior to Region Leadership Conference and State Leadership Conference.

Good luck to all those who will be competing!