Coffee Middle FBLA members volunteer for “Kayla Day ” Fall Festival.

Friday, October 27, 2017, members from Coffee Middle School FBLA volunteered their time to work and celebrate students with special needs. This event, which is named after Kayla Davis, a former special needs student in the Coffee County School System, is set aside each year to honor her memory and to offer students with special needs the opportunity to a day of fun-filled fall festival events.

Students spent the morning helping, walking with classes to different stations where kids were able to win prizes, jumping in bouncy houses, dancing, and playing musical chairs. They were also able to get their faces painted, and some even had their nails painted and their hands decorated with art. FBLA members were amazed and in awe of the joy on each child’s face as they experienced each station in wonder.

Here are a few statements from the members who participated. “The smiles they had in their faces were happy,” said one member. One student remembers the joy in one little girl when she started to dance while doing the hand art by remarking that, “she asked me to dance with her.” Another student stated that, “Kayla Day would have to be one of my best experiences yet. Seeing a smile brought to their faces with delight was epic.”

Debbies for Diabetes

FBLA_AHS Clinic Donations 10-29-15 001

After visiting the FALCON conference, the Apalachee High School FBLA adopted the idea of the Debbies for Diabetes project, which collects donations for the school clinic.  We had over 50 items brought in to donate to our school clinic including juices, crackers, cookies, fruit snacks, and several other items.  Our school nurse was excited and said she had never been a part of something so generous here at Apalachee!


Author: Nick Johnson, Chapter Adviser

Operation Bear Pride

On August 26, 2015, during its annual membership recruitment, Houston County High School’s FBLA Chapter kicked off its new school service project “OPERATION BEAR PRIDE.” During the school service project, the FBLA advisers sent out their “troops” to battle the graffiti, drawings, and doodles that every teacher dreads seeing on their desks. With the help of the HOCO custodial staff, who very kindly provided cleaning supplies, paper towels, and gloves, members were sent to teacher classrooms where they helped teachers clean their rooms.


Over twenty members showed up to help FBLA give back to our school. Teachers signed up by sending an email requesting service. Nearly every email had the word “awesome” in it, usually in all caps, and behind each email, a teacher in desperate need of help! In addition to cleaning desks, students emptied trash, cleaned science equipment in labs, shredded paper, and various other classroom tasks. Needless to say, the teachers who received services were beyond thrilled. They had more time to plan lessons, grade papers, organize, and tutor students.


“We did a school service project last year where we helped clean up the school, and I thought it would be absolutely wonderful if I could have my desks and tables cleaned each week. Then I thought about other teachers, and came up with the idea,” said Mrs. Jenny Jackson, FBLA adviser. “The positive response was overwhelming,” said Mrs. Sheila Jones, FBLA adviser. “We cleaned 40 classrooms in 45 minutes. Our members were glad to do it. They are also now very cognizant of their behavior and encourage others to help their teachers by keeping their classroom environments clean. It gives them a sense of service and protectiveness in their school, and has had positive benefits all around.”


Seen in the picture are (from the left) Morgan, Michelle, Priya, Sabina, Shauna, Jekerria, and FBLA Officer Briana.

Houston County High School’s FBLA Advisers are: Mrs. Sheila Jones, Mrs. Jenny Jackson, Ms. Gina Jessup, and Mrs. Karma Hayes. CTAE Supervisor is Mr. Wesley Martin. Principal of Houston County High School is Dr. Douglas Rizer. Houston County High School is located at 920 Highway 96.