Service Activity of the Month: Help Peers De-Stress Before Finals

Now is the time of year where we all have made it through to the last stretch of the first semester of school. As expected, there are multiple midterms and finals that face all students before the start of winter break. Usually, it is not uncommon to see your fellow FBLA members and peers anxious and frantic in the midst of preparing for tests. However, what if I told you that there are things that you and your chapter can do to help ease everyone’s nerves in this season?

It is my suggestion that FBLA chapters commit to service this month by hosting small events and get-togethers to help students relax before their exams. In order to organize a purposeful “de-stress event”, consider what types of things would help best soothe students in your school community. A few ideas for events to organize can be found in the list below:

List of “De-Stress Events”

  • Host a Hot Chocolate Party- gather together supplies to make this holiday drink, and bring together your peers one afternoon to enjoy it
  • Karaoke Competition- find your favorite songs and let the world hear your tunes as you relax to the sounds of music
  • Pet Therapy- partner with a local animal shelter and see if you can set up a date for students to visit and relax with adorable animal friends
  • Nature Walk-  select a trail or walking path near your school for students to go on; nature and exercise are great tools for boosting energy and happiness
  • Finger Painting Party- get your creative juices flowing with simple, but helpful finger painting activities (be sure to try out holiday themed drawings!)
  • Modified Tutoring Sessions- use your chapter’s resources of knowledge to provide a scheduled tutoring session for students; be sure to interrupt tutoring with fun icebreakers in between

I hope that you have the opportunity to try out at least one of these ideas before final exams this year. Remember to study hard and also find time to give your mind a healthy break!

Service Activity of the Month: Reading Stories at Children’s Hospitals

Gather together your favorite childhood story books and your best oration skills to read to children in hospitals. Oftentimes, the journey of enduring treatments and staying confined to the walls of a hospital room can be a difficult experience for young children. However, you and your local chapter can serve a role in comforting young patients by simply spending time and sharing with them.

A well told story is always good medicine for the soul, so be sure to follow these guidelines to make the most of your storytelling experience. It is a good idea to preview the book(s) you will present; this will allow you to practice and anticipate any questions your young audience may have. Also, in order to stimulate conversation and discussion, introduce the title of your book and allow the children to share their predictions about what the story will consist of. Most importantly, have fun and be sure to read with expression because you want to make the stories come alive and off of the pages.

In addition to reading your selected stories, do not be afraid to connect with and learn about the children that you present to. Try your best to make the experience even more memorable for them by writing cards or bringing small gifts.

Service Activity of the Month

This February love on the Earth by adopting a species through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) works to save and preserve species and landscapes while addressing the larger global threats and forces that impact them. Your chapter can help save species by adopting an animal through the WWF website found below. An adoption kit cost $55 and includes a plush toy of the animal you choose, a photo, adoption certificate, and species card. Encourage your chapter to raise money to adopt an animal, and perhaps do a survey to choose which species your chapter would like to adopt whether it’s the dolphin, panda, platypus, kangaroo, or maybe even the tarantula.


Service Activity of the Month

New Year, new you! So to start off this year, this month’s service activity of the month is to collect and donate children’s books, novels, and other reading material to local shelters, libraries, and school. This is a simple activity and helps get rid of some old children’s books that you do not use anymore. You can do even more with this service activity by volunteering to read in schools, shelters, hospitals, senior citizens homes, and libraries. Start of this year right by promoting the power of reading.

Service Activity of the Month

Winter is coming, so this month’s service activity involves collecting blankets, coats, mittens, and scarfs for your local shelter. Although we live in the south, winters here can be quite cold, so your local chapter should set up collection boxes throughout the school to collect new or slightly used winter donation items. There are many organizations you can donate your collected items to besides your local shelter; for an example One Warm Coat collects coats for the needy, and you can look at their website to find a local drive or to start a local drive.