What Is Triple Trifecta?

Get involved with our awesome state initiative, Triple Trifecta!

It focuses on three aspects: recruiting members, community service, and developing leaders in hopes of encouraging members to stay active and motivated throughout the year. Each one is called a “Trifecta”, and each has three tiers.

For each Trifecta your chapter completes, members will receive an additional ribbon at the State Leadership Conference. If your chapter completes all three Trifectas, you will be recognized on stage at SLC and will receive a plaque to award your awesome achievement!

Membership Trifecta Requirements:

  1. An adviser must reach 100% class participation in FBLA for 1 class.
  2. Chapter membership must increase by 20% OR 20 members (whichever is reached first).
  3. 5 members must complete Membership Madness.

Service Trifecta Requirements:

  1. 20% of members OR 20 members must complete “Community” level of the Community Service Achievement program (CSA).
  2. Chapter must participate in 5 service projects for the school.
  3. Chapter must participate in 5 service projects for the community.

Leadership Trifecta Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 5 members representing a chapter must attend Rally, FLC, RLC, and register for SLC.
  2. 50 members or 20% of membership must compete (RLC and SLC competitive event registrations will be totaled).
  3. 20% of members OR 20 members must complete the “Future” level of the Business Achievement Awards (BAA).

The Triple Trifecta program presents an amazing opportunity to grow your chapter, get members active with FBLA’s various programs and events, and earn rewards for your chapter at SLC!

December LEAD Activity of the Month

Silver Level: Service: Shining Star

Activity 4: Make a New “Grandfriend” 

“With some of your chapter members and the approval of your local chapter adviser, visit a retirement home and spend time doing fun activities with the elderly who lack immediate family. Play card games, do crafts together, teach each other new skills, make up stories, exchange advice, and build a real connection. (Take a photo of you, your members, and all of the new “grandfriends”).”

Visiting a local nursing home is a great community service project! Just sitting and talking with the elderly can make their day, and it will give you an opportunity to make some new friends. Maybe construct a puzzle, watercolor, or play a trivia game in order to break the ice. Take a photo with some of your new friends in order to capture the memory! 

Bronze Level Service: Super Star | Activity 3: Count on FBLA-ML

“Volunteer 5 hours of community service. (Write a brief summary and take a selfie at the community service event).”

Give back to your school or community by volunteering your time whether that be by helping out at a community or school sponsored event or volunteering at your local animal rescue or soup kitchen. Bring a couple of friends and have them help out too!

Be sure to write a summary of your time volunteering in order to share what you did and what you learned from it. Snap a picture at the event to upload and share on social media! One of the core values of FBLA is service, and as an FBLA member, you should always do your best to give back to your community!

August Service Activity

With the new school year just beginning, it is vital to show all students, new and returning, why FBLA is so important to the development of their high school careers in addition to FBLA’s ability to encourage school loyalty!

Consider hosting a service activity that heightens your school spirit. Make posters and signs that encourage your fall sports, and/or draw on the sidewalk with chalk that encourages students as they return back to school! Host the sign painting/sidewalk drawing after school with snacks and music to engage more members!

Advertise the service activity in your school announcements to gain more participation, but be sure to ask for permission to hang up the signs or draw on the sidewalk. This is a great activity for you and your chapter to spark interest in FBLA and school spirit!

Service Activity of the Month: January

Make an Impact

It’s mid-winter which means the weather is cold and wet in Georgia. Although this service project is mostly seen at the beginning of colder seasons, chapters can still use it make an impact in their community.

Holding a coat drive or clothing drive to collect warm clothes and jackets for those who cannot afford such necessities is an awesome way for members, chapters, the school, and the community to get involved in helping such families. Your chapter may ask for permission to set up donation boxes around the school to collect the new or gently used wardrobe items.

Be Creative

Another fun way to get your coat drive recognized by students is to hold a game during lunch. Ask for a school announcement the day before for students and faculty to bring coats and have two members participate during lunch. Make sure they are okay with looking a bit goofy around the school. They would be competing for the most amount of layers they could collect from the people in the cafeteria. It’s entertaining to watch them struggle as they accumulate more and more layers on their bodies. It also makes people more aware of your cause and be reminded to bring a coat or jacket the next day to donate.