Running Meetings Effectively

Meetings are an essential part of a local chapter’s operation. Meetings can be used as an avenue to network, conduct important business, and inform those in attendance.

In order to run an effective meeting, it is important to always plan ahead. Pick a date before your chapter meeting to hold an officer meeting. During this time, choose the items that will go on the agenda (limit to important topics and decisions) and any other business that needs to be handled before the meeting. Also, choose someone to lead the meeting. It may be your chapter President or Vice President. Whoever is chosen, it is important that they are prepared with knowing all of the agenda items and be aware of time during the meeting to ensure that the meeting does not go over the planned time. The agenda will bring structure and an outline for not only the officers but also the members in attendance.

If you need handouts or other visual aids, prepare those ahead of time and let your adviser know so those can be printed and distributed. It is best to not to wait until the last minute to prepare for a meeting. You want to go in ready and prepared so that your meeting will be a success.

Keep the Momentum Going: My Tips to Moving Forward in Achieving Your Goals

Last year, we all set some pretty marvelous goals. Some of us wanted to spark a fresh sense of engagement in our chapters. Others of us wanted to reach new heights in our recruitment efforts. In addition to this, we set some extraordinary personal goals. Perhaps you wanted to improve your grades and academic motivation? Or, maybe you wanted to get more involved in community service and environmental programs?

Regardless, today I will give you tips to keep moving forward in pursuing reliable goals. As time progresses, we often get lost in our goals and lose motivation to accomplish them. However, the school year isn’t over yet, and it’s worth knowing that there is still time to show improvement!

Here are my tips and tricks to staying motivated even in times when you don’t feel up to it!

  • Create a Vision Board- We all have our goals, but there’s something special about writing it down and constantly reminding ourselves of our aspirations. One way to accomplish this is by creating a vision board! This provides you with the creative opportunity to decorate your poster using your own imagination. Even if you aren’t the artsy type, the important thing here is to make sure you write your goals down so you can be reminded of what you desire to accomplish.
  • Chunking- In today’s society, we prefer to accomplish things that can be done immediately. Many times we see our effort as meaningless if it means it won’t yield prompt, noticeable results. By chunking, you can set checkpoints to work towards your goals. You can create a plan in which you break up studying for an assessment or set a date that you want a particular aspect of a goal accomplished by. For example, if your chapter wants to recruit 20 new members by April, your goal can be to recruit to recruit 10 of these members by mid-February.
  • Change Your Perspective on Setbacks- Failure, setbacks, and obstacles––they all happen. As much as we don’t like them, we shouldn’t see them as something that will destroy our possibility of accomplishing our ultimate goal. Instead, we should appreciate the lesson we learn from them. Perhaps you had a goal of obtaining a certain goal in a class this year. If you didn’t obtain that goal during the first semester, learn from your mistakes. Now you know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to learning and studying course material. The key is to get it right this time, because after all that is better than giving up in entirety.
  • Mind Over Matter-  As cliche as it sounds, your mindset is key in reaching your goals. In all situations, even when it seems as if procrastination may prevail, you must keep your goals in your head. Remember, your work today can still yield results later. If you change your mindset to believe you can overcome the obstacles, you will be so much closer to obtaining your goals!

With these tips, I hope you learned something new about effective goal setting. Remember, obtaining goals won’t necessarily come easily, but, with hard work and determination, it is possible to obtain reliable goals. As second semester progresses, continue to keep these tips in your mind as you work diligently to excel to new heights in your aspirations!


Meeting Tip of the Month #3

The seasons have changed–fall leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and the infamous carving of pumpkins. This shift of seasons obviously co-asides with the shifts we are about to have in our meetings. You have come to the right place to look for your third meeting tip of the month: keeping up with the seasons.

What’s better than having themed meetings after the seasons we are in? The seasons bring a variety of emotions, and fun activities that one can incorporate into their meetings. Since it is October, you can incorporate one of the infamous things that are associated with October. Besides that, you can even have door prizes for your meetings that are October themed.

Even after October, you can still incorporate the different seasons into your meetings. Activities with seasons are endless to where if your chapter has multiple meetings during a month you can still let the seasonal activities be involved in your meetings.

This type of shift in the meeting setup can leave members excited to attend the next one, give you new ways to keep your meetings fresh and innovative and leave the members feeling the wonderful effects of the seasons shift. Try it out with your own meetings, and see the wonderful outcome it can have.

Check out next month’s Meeting Tip of the Month for more tips!

Getting Started with your BAAs

What are the BAAs?

Business Achievement Awards, or simply BAA’s, is a high school leadership development program that is easy to integrate into your classroom. These cocurricular activities are aligned to the career clusters, NBEA standards, and FBLA goals.

The Foundation of the BAA

Each level of the BAA covers these core activities and concepts:

Service—Uncover the link between a community and the success of a business. Your members focus on activities that improve the member’s school, area businesses, community, and state.

Education—Understand business and the world of work. Your members focus on activities and curriculum that prepare them for corporate America, develop an appreciation of entrepreneurship, and understand the benefits of continuing education. With input from business educators, industry professionals, and college educators, your members will be more prepared for their futures at college and at work.

Progress—Explore the local, state, and national levels of FBLA-PBL and how they complement one another. Your members focus on activities that promote FBLA-PBL at the local, regional/district, state and national levels.

How to get started

First, see your adviser to retrieve your login information for the Future, Business, Leader, or America level. You should complete them sequentially as such, and if you’re a freshman, strive to complete one level per year! Once you have your login information, visit the national website, login , and get to work! You do not have to complete this alone! Gather a group of FBLA members who can help you complete this activity. Dedicate at least one evening after school to planning and designing the display or exhibit. Make sure to have fun and be creative! Show off your passion for FBLA and SHINE with those parents and students who have not experienced FBLA before.

Click here to get started with your BAAs today!

Fundraising Activity of the Month

Fundraising is crucial for any school club and organization. Since it seems like the autumn days are lingering for a little too long, a fun and interactive fundraising activity could be the classic car wash. Here are some steps to get this running smoothly:

1. Decide logistics for the car wash

Think about the date (preferably the weekend), time, place, how to sell the car wash tickets, price of car wash tickets, and where to sell car wash tickets.

2. Promote your fundraiser!

This can be done through fun and colorful posters posted around your school and the community, posts on social media, and word of mouth.

3. Do not forget the supplies

You will need soap, buckets, rags or sponges, and access to a water.

4. Set rules and guidelines for the car wash

What do you think your chapter officers and members need to know to have this fundraiser run smoothly and appropriately? You can explain these rules through a meeting or simply hand out a sheet with the rules and a signature line at the bottom to show they understand the guidelines.
We hope that if you decide to do a car wash it raises money for your chapter and is a fun way for your students to work together and raise money. Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!