Three Tips for Effective Meetings

You’ve spent hours upon hours planning and talking to people to get them to join FBLA. After hours of talking and trying to convince them, they finally agree to give it a chance. Happily you agree and give them the date to the next meeting… Now what?

What do you do to make sure your meeting doesn’t fall through?

Here are three tips for running effective meetings, so that your chapter’s meeting will be the best it can be.

  1. Planning: This is the most essential part of every meeting. Prepare and run through the details of the meetings by having an officer meeting beforehand, listing out the items of the meeting in an agenda.
  2. Involvement: Involve multiple members of the officer team and members when possible. No one wants to go to a meeting where only one person is speaking. Having multiple people present and lead activities will increase membership involvement and engagement.
  3. Brevity: By keeping your meetings brief, you ensure quality communication without running the risk of being boring. Setting a time limit keeps you on track and helps cut away useless information.