WWCHS FBLA’s Parking at Mule Day!

FBLA Members Help With Parking at Mule Day

Members of the WWCHS FBLA and Mrs. Toner’s Entrepreneurship Class had the great opportunity to help again with parking at the annual Mule Day. The WWCHS chapter of FBLA has made it one of its goals to stay involved in community service activities.  The opportunity for FBLA to help in this great community event is perfect for this goal.

Mr. Abramson worked with Mrs. Toner’s Entrepreneurship class in the preparation leading up to the event. Mr. Abramson came to WWCHS speak with some of the volunteers in advance on two separate occasions.  He also sponsored an on-site field trip prior to the event.  He explained to the students what all was expected of them on Saturday and went over with them the parking plans.  The class expressed their thanks to Mr. Abramson after he finished the mini-training sessions.