Icebreaker of the Month

Icebreaker of the Month

Do you have members that refuse to participate in icebreakers? Are your students tired of doing the same exact things at every meeting? This is month’s icebreaker is a very amusing game and your members are sure to love it.

Drop the Sheet

Drop the Sheet is one of my absolute favorite icebreakers! One of the best qualities about Drop the Sheet is that all it requires is your members and (Yes, you guessed it!) a sheet. Divide your members in half, having two equal sized teams. Have two officers or advisers be responsible for holding the sheet. When my chapter plays Drop the Sheet we fold the sheet in half to make sure that you cannot see through the sheet. Have the teams sit behind the sheet on both sides. Then, each team will silently motion for one member to sit in front of the team, directly behind the sheet. Have the officers (or advisers) holding the sheet make sure both teams are ready and then drop the sheet. The first player to guess the other player’s name wins. Have both players return to the winner’s side of the sheet. The object of the game is to recruit everyone to the same side. The side with the most people at the end of the game wins.

Another quality that makes Drop the Sheet such a fun game is that you can always change it up a little bit if your members lose interest in the name game. One of my favorite ways to play Drop the Sheet is to have one player try to make the other player laugh. The player has 5 seconds to do whatever they can (on their side of the sheet) to make the other player laugh. If they fail, they go to the other player’s side. If they make the opponent laugh, they recruit the rival to their side.

This is the Icebreaker of the month! Check back next month for another fun icebreaker.

Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month

Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month

So… maybe your membership just isn’t where it used to be? Or maybe your chapter is trying to raise membership to be the largest CTSO your school has to offer. Possibly you are trying to raise membership to earn more chapter of the year points. Whatever the reason is, you came to the right place. This is the Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month.

Package Deal: Membership Plus RLC Registration

When it is time to register for Region Leadership Conference, it is also time to increase your membership. Take advantage of registration times and use them to increase your local chapter membership. At my school, we charge $20 to join FBLA. As you may already know, $6 of that goes to National FBLA and $5 goes to the state, making my chapter’s profit to use towards meeting supplies $9. Region Leadership Conference Registration costs $20. Your chapter could combine the two costs for one final cost of perhaps $35. That covers Region Leadership Conference Registration, state and national membership fees, and still gives your chapter a profit of $4 per member that joins with the deal. Region is also a great time to host such a bargain because many members join FBLA just to compete. Inspire your members that competing has the potential to change their lives. With cash prizes and scholarships waiting at National Leadership Conference, any member has the potential to become a winner.

This is the Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month! Be sure to check back next month to see other ways to grow your chapter.



Starting the BAAs

The  BAAs (business achievement awards) is a rigorous  4-tier program created by the national center. Four levels make up the Business Achievement awards. As you progress throughout the program, you will find that the difficulty level increases. Future, Business, Leader, and America are the four levels. To start off, you need to get registered.

When you have time, stop by and see your adviser to sign-up. Your adviser has access to the BAA student registration  located on the national website. Once registered, you will receive a chapter ID number, and your BAA login. Click on the following link to go to the BAA login.

Once into the system, enter the information on the sheet provided to you by your adviser. A page will appear asking you to select your activities. The activities are divided into three categories: Service, Education, and Progress. Certain activities will be required to complete each level; however, from the activities left over, you can choose which ones you would like to complete in order to satisfy the number requirement. As days go on, periodically check your BAA account and see what activities you can complete.

Advisers, you have access to your student’s accounts through this link: When you have a student wishing to register for the BAAs, use the link to register your members.

Running Meetings Efficiently

Meetings are an integral part of local chapters. Meetings can be used to network, conduct important business, or  convey an important message.

First, you need the president or his/her designee to lead the meeting. Designating one person to lead the meeting will avoid confusion and allow that person to keep the attention of the crowd.

Next, use an agenda to help the flow of the meeting. The agenda serves as an outline not only for the leader, but for the chapter members as well.

Another great way to help a meeting run efficiently is to delegate a task to each officer. By doing so, each officer will feel that they have contributed to a meeting’s success.

Parliamentary procedure is a complicated process; however, when used correctly, Parliamentary Procedure can make the task of running a local chapter meeting successful. Pulling elements such as one member talking at a time or being called on before speaking can truly minimize the chaos of your meetings.

NLC Reflection

This summer, nearly 500 Georgia FBLA members and advisers embarked on a journey to Chicago, Illinois, for our 2015 National Leadership Conference. This journey did not begin overnight. Our phenomenal competitors began their journeys at our various Region Leadership Conferences, and persevered to our State Leadership Conference to battle hundreds of competitors. The battle was won, but there was a great war ahead. 321 of our brightest members had the strenuous tasks of representing Georgia FBLA at the largest, most competitive NLC ever held! I’m glad to announce that we brought home the largest number of national winners in the history of Georgia FBLA! A whopping 119 members achieved greatness this summer including 10 national champions.

Now, we must begin our journey to the 2016 National Leadership Conference, which will be held in our very own state! Atlanta, Georgia will be the next host of our annual National Leadership Conference. YOU have the opportunity to earn your spot in Atlanta!

Following the closing of the session at the Fall Motivational Rally, several booths will be placed in various spots throughout the arena. We highly encourage that everyone come to try the different test he or she may be interested in and would like to compete in. This will be one of few opportunities to experiment with several competitive events before the beginning of our Region Leadership Conferences.

High School Events • Accounting I/Accounting II • Agribusiness • Banking & Financial Systems • Business Law • Business Calculations/Introduction to Financial Math • Business Communication/Introduction to Business Communication • Introduction to Business Procedures/Introduction to Business • Computer Applications/Spreadsheet Applications/Word Processing • Computer Problem Solving/Help Desk • Database Design/Management Information Systems • Economics • Entrepreneurship/Management Decision Making • FBLA Principles & Procedures • Future Business Leader • Global Business • Healthcare Administration • Hospitality Management • Introduction to Information Technology • Marketing • Network Design/Networking Concepts/Cyber Security • Parliamentary Procedure/Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure • Personal Finance/Insurance & Risk Management/Securities & Investments • Sports & Entertainment Management

Middle Level-only Events • Business Computations • Business Concepts • Career Exploration • Computer Concepts/Internet Concepts/Social Media Concepts • FBLA Concepts • Introduction to Business Communication/Business Spelling • Marketing Concepts • Parliamentary Procedure Concepts • Personal Financial Concepts