Fall Motivational Rally

We hope you are planning to attend our 2015 Fall Motivational Rally on Thursday, October 15, at the Georgia National Fair.  Look forward to an exciting motivational session, competitive event opportunities, networking with thousands of FBLA members across the state and of course, the fair food and fair fun!

Information and registration materials are available now.  Navigate to the Conferences pages under our Events menu at the top to view the information and contest guidelines for this year’s Rally.  Registration is $35 (includes fair wristband) or $20 (without the wristband) plus any other fees your chapter adds to cover transportation and other expenses.  You can once again pre-purchase food coupons in increments of $2 each.  Registration deadline is September 22 and payments must be received by October 2.  No late registration will be accepted after October 6.  All seats at the Rally will be preassigned again and seating will be assigned based on the order in which payment is made in full.

See you all in Perry on October 15!

Establishing a ML Chapter

In 1994, FBLA-PBL made the decision to form a division of the Future Business Leaders of America tailored to middle school students. Thus, the FBLA-PBL ML division was formed.  The middle level can be a very important stepping stone in a member’s FBLA career.  

The format of the middle level program, when compared with the high school division, is very similar. At many of our conferences, you’ll see a mixture of both high school and middle school members.

Creating this overlap directly benefits those who actively participate in the middle level division. Personally speaking, joining the middle level program was one of the best decisions  I had ever made. I was actively involved in Georgia FBLA conferences, and highly dedicated to the ML competitive events program. When I joined the high school division, I found myself navigating  the world of FBLA better than my counterparts. This was because I was exposed to conferences and competitive events at a young age.

Establishing a middle level chapter in your community would result in the betterment of the younger generation of business leaders. Chartering a ML chapter is an effortless process. First, you need to consult with the business teachers of your local middle school. You will also need permission from the principal or a school administrator. After getting the “OK”, plan a day where a group of high school students can visit to different classrooms and create some “hype” about what Georgia FBLA has to offer!

Increasing Membership

An organization is only as strong as your membership – how can Georgia FBLA be an even better organization? By stimulating positive energy throughout the state, Georgia FBLA can become a better group for everyone. Local chapters can increase membership through membership drives in various ways. Different social activities and competitions, to see which members can recruit new members, can also be very successful! Rush week can be a great time to work on membership. Have your local chapter plan different themed days to generate excitement!

Getting Involved: New to FBLA?

Are you new to FBLA? Not completely sure what a Future Business Leader of America does or the purpose of those navy blue blazers you see your friends wearing? Welcome to the marvelous world of Georgia FBLA. Home of many Chick-fil-A lunches, numerous competitions, and of course, icebreakers. Being a member of Future Business Leaders of America is great! Congratulations on your membership! But please, do not let it end there. Stay an active member. Here are a few tips on how to remain and be successful in FBLA:

  1. Participate in everything your chapter has to offer. Go to monthly meetings. Make friends with all of the FBLA students. Attend every conference you possibly can. FBLA is a thrilling organization, so be sure to make the best out of every moment.
  2. Run for office. Sure, this year you are new. But what about the next? Run for a chapter office. There is no other way to be sure to remain an active member than to hold a leadership position in the organization. Talk to your adviser and tell him/her that you are interested in becoming an officer and see what advice they can give to you.
  3. Compete. Imagine the feeling of standing on stage for something you studied and worked extremely hard for. Tenth place goes to… not your name. Ninth place, not yours either. Eighth, seventh, sixth, fifth, fourth, and third go by and you are still on stage. They announce second place and it is not you either. You win first place! You have a medal now that you can show all of your friends. You have something huge to offer on your resume. Georgia FBLA has numerous different competitions to choose from ranging from Public Speaking all the way to Accounting to Sports and Entertainment Management.

These are just a few helpful hints to give to you for your new membership. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Maddie Hollifield, at maddie@georgiafbla.org.

Submitting Pictures

For website submissions, all pictures must have an article or caption in .jpg format. Please DO NOT put these pictures in Word or PowerPoint. Make sure that you reduce picture size to 640×480 before submitting. Local advisers are responsible for having a publicity agreement form on file for each student pictured. Please DO NOT submit this form.

For conference slide shows, email pictures to pictures@georgiafbla.org in .jpg format. Image dimensions must be at least 1024×768 and image size must be greater than 100kb. Please DO NOT put these pictures in Word or PowerPoint. Send pictures representing multiple activities. Send photos other than group poses. The pictures for FLC Slide Show are due November 1. The pictures for Chapter of the Year credit are due February 1. You can only receive credit for 2 pictures per month.