Northview FBLA hosts Lunch-and-Learn

Northview High School FBLA officers began holding monthly lunch-and-learn sessions, in which students come to the FBLA room to have lunch with the officers and to enhance their business knowledge. This month’s session was centered on resume-writing, which is necessary for all job endeavors. The session focused on formatting an effective resume layout and including succinct information.

Fundraising Activity of the Month #5

Sometimes we try to go above and beyond when it comes to fundraising. We may want to conduct a 4-week fundraiser that may bring in $2000, when we could conduct a 2-day fundraiser and raise $750. A change drop  can pull in more money that you would expect. This is a low-cost fundraiser which will maxamize your profits. I recommend you conduct this fundraiser in the morning when students arrive at school and in the evening as the prepare for departure.

Meeting Tip of the Month #5

I’m sure all of our local chapters have had an amazing first semester. From the Fall Motivational Rally to  the Fall Leadership Conference in Athens, we were all given the opportunity to socialize, network, and strengthen  ourselves as leaders. For the first meeting of 2016, take the opportunity to reflect on your past memories and prepare for the activities ahead.

Parliamentary Procedure Tip of the Month #5

Welcome to the new year, Georgia FBLA! As we start off the new year, I would like to speak specifically to our local chapter parliamentarians. It is YOUR duty to be knowledgeable not only about the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure but also the relevant bylaws affecting the organization.  As both the parliamentarian and a member of the organization, you must waive your right to propose motions, debate, and vote except when it is a ballot vote.  You are the “law enforcement ” officer of your chapter.  However, try not to get this confused with making a ruling. That power is left at the discretion of the chair, not the parliamentarian. Whether you realize it or not, parliamentarians play a MAJOR role in their local chapters.